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Jul. 4 Bug Fixes and Current Known Issues

2024.07.04 Thursday 13:50 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

Here is information on bug fixes and other current issues that were found after the Jul. 4 (Thu) UNDECEMBER update.

Please see below for more details.

※ The following may change or be postponed in the future.

◈ Known Issues

※ These are the issues that have currently been found since the update.

- Issue where Runes that are being stored in the Storage are displayed in the Rune Transfer Bag

- Issue where when purchasing certain items on the Black Market, the total amount of the purchased items in the Bag is

   displayed instead of the purchased amount

- Issue where when the date changes while logged into the game, the number of Solo Descent Raid attempts does not reset

ㄴ The Solo Descent Raids can be used correctly after exiting and restarting the game, or moving to the Select Character or

     the Select World window and entering the game again.

◈ Bug Fixes

※ These are the bug fixes that took place with the update.

■ Mail

- The issue where the Login Event rewards were being sent multiple times has been fixed.

- The issue where only one item was being received when receiving multiple items via Mail has been fixed.

■ System

- The issue where some content could not be accessed when reconnecting to the network while matching has been fixed.

■ Honorable Statue

- The issue where the Honorable Statue icon was being displayed outside the minimap has been fixed.

We hope that the details on known issues will help you avoid any inconvenience as you play the game.

Thank you. 

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