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Director’s Letter Vol. 10

2024.03.29 Friday 15:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello, I’m Director Sang Kwon Han.

First of all, I would like to thank the Rune Hunters who are enjoying the new season and the Eunos update.

I would like to share information about what has changed with this season's update along with other aspects that will be improved.

■ Issues Regarding Balance and Dual Element Trigger Runes

Ever since UNDECEMBER was launched and updated, issues related to builds focused on elements have existed.

We were fully aware of the recent issues regarding how certain elements were outperforming others and pondered deeply on how to solve this.

We removed a basic option from Trigger Runes, the "Adds 50% of Main element Increase/Amplification of Activation Skill to Element of Target Skill when the Main Elements of Activation and Target Skills are different" option.

We originally aimed to solve this issue without a downgrade patch, but we came to the conclusion that we would just be fixing the issue temporarily without solving the crux of the issue if we didn't roll out a downgrade patch.

The Link Rune was created with convenience and expanding skills in mind, but it was being used in unintended methods, which tampered with the balance between single-element and multi-element builds.

Because of this, there was a severe difference in the amount of damage some skills dealt compared to others, which forced users to use Trigger Runes.

This went against the Rune's intended purpose of enabling users to expand their skills in a variety of ways.

We have reflected on this issue deeply and will take caution to make sure that issues related to balance like this will not happen again.

Also, Zodiac Tiers 1-9 underwent extensive changes to balance builds focused on physical damage, Minions, and Sentries.

I am sure these sudden changes could cause confusion among Rune Hunters, but please understand that these changes are the foundations that Zodiac Nodes will use to develop in the future.

Lastly, the Charm Blessing effect will undergo similar changes through the Apr. 11 (Thu) update.

The Charm Blessing effect that is used commonly has been lowered, and Casthor's Blessing has been changed to affect damage stats in general, considering how it is specialized for element-centered builds.

Also, specific Charm Blessing effects will be added for Minion and Sentry-focused builds, which receive fewer benefits from Blessings compared to other elemental builds.

■ New Legendary Unique Change Essences

We are currently aware that the stats of Legendary Unique items' options cannot be changed with Unique Change Essences.

This is because of the restrictions regarding the use of Essences that are divided per grade.

The related Essences will be updated during the season and will be revealed as soon as possible.

We hope that Rune Hunters who have experienced inconveniences related to this issue after obtaining Legendary Unique items could benefit from this change.

■ Additional Rune Master Level Updates

To increase the fun of investing points in Rune Master Levels, Rune Master Level updates that enable expanding the Rune Cast, Trigger Runes, and skill slots will take place in early June.

Please keep in mind that these updates will be implemented to enhance the fun of raising Rune Master Levels, which enable limitless growth regardless of the season, and to enable users to use an even wider variety of skills.

■ Simplified Essences

Currently, countless Essences and Essence Pieces are taking up a great amount of space in Rune Hunters' Storages.

Also, the value of Essences has fluctuated wildly, and the process related to enchanting gear using Essences has many areas to be improved on.

In Season 4, a different finished product will be dropped instead of Essence Pieces. (Essence Pieces will still be obtainable through disassembling items.)

Essence Pieces will be removed when Season 4 ends. We hope you'll understand that these measures are being implemented to prepare for improving Essences and the enchanting process in Season 5.

We recommend users to use all Essence Pieces they have during Season 4.

■ In Conclusion…

Many changes have taken place and new functions have been added in Season 4.

However, there is still a mountain of aspects that can be improved, which the developers are all aware of. We are all dedicating ourselves to prepare for updates and improvements even now.

We will make an effort to continue improving. In the next Director's Letter, I will share more detailed information on Season 5.

Thank you.

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