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Mar. 28 Bug Fixes and Current Known Issues (Edited on Apr. 4 13:43 (UTC+9))

2024.03.28 Thursday 13:03 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

Here is information on bug fixes and other current issues that were found after the Mar. 28 (Thu) UNDECEMBER update.

Please see below for more details.

※ The following may change or be postponed in the future.

Known Issues

※ These are the issues that have currently been found since the update.

- Issue where Runes that are being stored in the Storage are displayed in the Rune Transfer Bag

- Issue where when purchasing certain items on the Black Market, the total amount of the purchased items in the Bag is displayed instead of the purchased amount

- Issue where the effects of 'Cyprus' Wrath' are displayed unnaturally in the Beauty previews

- Issue where when the date changes while logged into the game, the number of Solo Descent Raid attempts does not reset

ㄴ The Solo Descent Raids can be used correctly after exiting and restarting the game, or moving to the Select Character or the Select World window and entering the game again.

- Issue where certain characters cannot access the game after the Season 4 update (Added on Apr. 4 13:43 (UTC+9))

Bug Fixes

※ These are the bug fixes that took place with the update.

■ Stages

- The issue where auto move was not available at the Town of Plankland in Act. 12 has been fixed.

■ Paid Shop

- The issue where options were displayed incorrectly when certain Unique Items were obtained from Croco's Support Chest has been fixed.

■ Raid

- The issue where certain information within the Raid Party Info pop-up was not displayed has been fixed.

- The issue where the Shadow Mirror completion message was displayed when obtaining Descent Raid rewards while the mirror was 100% complete has been fixed.

■ Items

- The issue where the number of items displayed in the tooltips was incorrect when selling, disassembling, or dropping items has been fixed.

- The issue where time requirements were ignored and potions were immediately used when identical potions were registered in the Main and Auxiliary Potion Slots and set to be used automatically has been fixed.

- The issue where the Rune keywords list in the Rune Shop filters of item filters were displayed opaquely has been fixed.

- The issue where only 1 item was disassembled when identical items within the Bag were disassembled multiple times has been fixed.

- The issue where the requirements for obtaining certain titles only counted 1 Orb as being used even if Orb items were used multiple times has been fixed.

■ Events

- The issue where different Hot Time icons were displayed in the banners and tooltips has been fixed.

- The issue where the Receive Reward pop-up was not displayed when obtaining Total Playtime Event rewards has been fixed.

■ Beauty

- The issue where the previous motion was played when seeing the preview of another costume after resetting the character to default in Select Motion has been fixed.

- The issue where off-hand weapons were displayed when a 2-handed weapon costume was equipped has been fixed.

■ Rankings

- The issue where information on equipped Runes was displayed incorrectly when checking ranked users' information has been fixed.

- The issue where used skill icons were displayed incorrectly for users who joined the DPS Rankings after using basic attack skills has been fixed.

- The issue where the number of Scarecrows during Ranking Challenges could be altered incorrectly using certain methods in the 'Training Arena' has been fixed.

■ Relic

- The issue where the item unequipped message was displayed in View Other User Info's Relic tab for users who had Relics equipped has been fixed.

■ Skills

- The issue where the cooldown times of buff skills were not refreshed when a buff skill was used before going to the Training Arena has been fixed.

- The issue where the number of Lightning Bolts for the Skill Rune, 'Thunderbolt', was displayed incorrectly when viewing character info has been fixed.

- The issue where the Aura Effect was displayed when Chill was triggered has been fixed.

■ Constellation of Time

- The issue where the Favorite UI does not seem to be activated in Emotion Engraving has been fixed.

■ Chaos Dungeons

- The issue where progressing with 'Time of Confrontation' and 'Chaotic Realm' affected the lime limits of certain field events has been fixed.

■ Guild

- The issue where the Guild Content button appeared to be activated even after leaving a Guild has been fixed.

We hope that the details on known issues will help you avoid any inconvenience as you play the game.

Thank you.

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