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Nov. 9 Bug Fixes and Current Known Issues (Added on Nov. 17 17:00 (UTC+9))

2023.11.09 Thursday 15:02 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

Here is information on bug fixes and other current issues that were found after the Nov. 9 (Thu) UNDECEMBER update.

Please see below for more details.

※ The following may change or be postponed in the future.

◈ Known Issues

※ These are the issues that have currently been found since the update.

■ Skill Skin

- Issue where an incorrect effect appears when using the Silver Oath Whirlwind Skin while playing on mobile devices 

  (Added on Nov. 17 17:00 (UTC+9))

◈ Bug Fixes

※ These are the bug fixes that took place with the update.

■ Quests

- The issue where progress could sometimes not be made during the Act 11 quest, 'For the Falling…: Maker of Dreams', has been fixed.

- The clear conditions for the 'Invitation to the Unknown' quest have been clarified so that only the exact required key is shown.

■ Items

- The incorrect names of the chests below have been fixed.



Chaos Upgrade Stone Bundle

[Exclusive] Chaos Upgrade Stone Bundle

Memory Expansion Stone Bundle

[Exclusive] Memory Expansion Stone Bundle

- The incorrect item descriptions for the 3 Chaos Keys below have been fixed.

Affected Items

Chaos Key (Envy)

Chaos Key (Extinction)

Chaos Key (Exploitation)

- The issue where the names of chance-based products were incorrectly displayed in Gear Shop filters has been fixed.

※ 'Mysterious' chance-based products are now included in the filter lists.

E.g. 'Mysterious Dagger' will be included in the filter results when filtering with 'Dagger'.

- The 'Tier 3 Vigor Charm Selection Chest' has been updated so that it is arranged according to the same criteria as other chests.

- The issue where additional options were missing for the 'Gold String of Possibility' item has been fixed.

■ Charm Fusion

- The issue where Chaos Orbs could not be fused in certain conditions has been fixed.

■ Skills

- The issue where the 'Projectile' effect for the 'Fire Orb Trap' Skill Rune did not work has been fixed.

■ Appearance

- The issue where the neck area for male characters was not displayed properly when wearing 'Abyss Ruler Armor' has been fixed.

■ Season Challenge

- The Season Challenge conditions for 'Running Through Time' and 'Is This Your First Time in Chaos?' have been edited to be the same.

■ Area

- The issue where the 'Litray’s Laboratory' portal remained in the 'Saluto' area even after completing the quest has been fixed.

■ Chaos Dungeons

- The issue where characters became trapped in walls in certain circumstances during the Tipan Brazier Tier 10 dungeon has been fixed.

■ Constellation of Time

- The issue where portals did not work or transported characters to the starting location during 'Hanging Garden' in 'Aranea's Memory' has been fixed.

■ Void Rift

- The issue where characters would be attacked as soon as they entered certain Void Rift stages has been fixed.

- The issue where characters would move beyond the map during some Void Rift stages has been fixed.

We hope that the details on known issues will help you avoid any inconvenience as you play the game.

Thank you.

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