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Oct. 26 Bug Fixes and Current Known Issues (Edited on Oct. 26 17:52 (UTC+9))

2023.10.26 Thursday 13:20 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

Here is information on bug fixes and other current issues that were found after the Oct. 26 (Thu) UNDECEMBER update.

Please see below for more details.

※ The following may change or be postponed in the future.

◈ Known Issues

※ These are the issues that have currently been found since the update.

- Issue where Link Runes are not dropped as rewards when completing Guild Raids (Added on Oct. 26 14:40 (UTC+9)) (Edited on Oct. 26 17:52 (UTC+9))

ㄴ This issue will be fixed as soon as possible.

◈ Bug Fixes

※ These are the bug fixes that took place with the update.

■ Pets

- The issue where the pet storage feature could not be used in the battle field has been fixed.

■ Achievements

- The issue where rewards were not properly sent after the 'The Bounty is Mine' Achievement was cleared has been fixed.

■ Skills

- The issue where the 'Destructive Instinct' Link Rune effect was not correctly applied to the 'Summon Twisted Abyssling' Skill Rune has been fixed.

- The issue where monsters at close range were not struck when using 'Shockwave Arrow' with the Bowgun has been fixed.

- The issue where projectiles were not properly created when using 'Electric Orb Trap' has been fixed.

- The missing content in the description for the 'Extract Energy [Verity]' Awakened Link Rune has been added.

- The issue where some skill information was incorrectly shown in the [Stat Info] > [Skill] menu has been fixed.

■ Zodiacs

- The issue where the shared damage received of the 'Transfer Pain' node for Water Shadow Specialization was higher than normal has been fixed.

■ Chaos Dungeons

- The issue where Sanctums were sometimes summoned in midair for the Chaos Dungeon Tipan Brazier Tier 5 and 10 has been fixed.

- The issue where random buffs were granted to the normal monsters that spawn in Remnant of Memory has been fixed.

- The issue where incorrect buffs were granted to all the monsters that spawn in the Ortemis Tier 7 dungeon has been fixed.

- The issue where items that cannot be used in Origin Mode were displayed as Chaos Daily Mission line completion rewards has been fixed.

- The issue where Chaos Cards were instantly grown to Lv. 30 when growing them to Lv. 15 or above has been fixed.


- The issue where an error message appeared and Halloween Celebration Attendance Event Rewards could not be claimed when claiming them from a different mode to the one in which they were first claimed has been fixed.

■ Alchemy

- The issue where the Synthesis Mileage Reward UI moved position when activated has been fixed.

■ Void Rift

- The issue where the boss monster attacked immediately when entering the Void Rift stage where 'Distorted Face' appears has been fixed.

■ Constellation of Time

- The issue where the NPC sometimes disappeared and users could not proceed with the quest when doing the Aranea 'Esker's Message' quest has been fixed.

■ Charm Slot Upgrade

- The issue where required materials were incorrectly shown when leveling up certain options from the [Charm Slot Upgrade] Upgrade List has been fixed.

■ Crafting

- The issue where the minimum value for Tier 12 of the 'Barrier Absorb +%' Crafting option was lower than Tier 11 has been fixed.

■ Items

- All active Seal Effects will now be removed when unequipping the Wheel of Succession necklace.

- The issue where the triggered 'Concentrated Bone' hit effect was awkwardly positioned has been fixed.

■ Zodiac Pass

- The issue where Premium Pass effects were not shared between all Season modes (Season, Origin, Hardcore) has been fixed.

■ Rankings

- The issue where characters were removed from Rankings when users deleted a different character from their account has been fixed.

■ Appearance

- The issue where the ring ornament for the 'Hellish Gatekeeper Staff Costume' was not displayed properly has been fixed.

- The Japanese font size for the 'Halloween Moonlight Party Costume' has been edited.

- The issue where the Combined 13th Devotee Package and Illusion Walker Dash + Footsteps Package products were not shown on the Beauty scene when unpurchased has been fixed.

■ Other

- The issue where the ‘UNDECEMBER’ logo was not displayed as orange on the title screen has been fixed.

- The issue where the 'Decreases Element Resist' effect was not shown in the explanation for the 'Shout of Terror' debuff has been fixed.

We hope that the details on known issues will help you avoid any inconvenience as you play the game.

Thank you.

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