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Status Effect DoT (Venom/Bleed/Burn) Balance Feedback

[oai] iao
2023.08.10 Thursday 16:18 (UTC + 9)


Playing with Venom was my pet project for season 1, so I have some feedback to help make it more usbale and viable.

Poison Cloud Venom damage potential is way higher than people realize. Unfortunately its coverage i****tremely small (maybe the smallest in the game) and also is cast on top of the player. Please address the area of effect in some way either by increasing its base area of effect, allowing you to cast it from range, or both.

The other skills that can deal Venom damage don't come close to Poison Cloud.

If you do a fair comparison, Poison Cloud does:

- 4x more Venom DPS than Plague Spike

- 20x (!!!) Poison Orb

- 2x Deadly Poison Claw

- 2x Deadly Poison Skewer

- 4x Dagger Throw

- 2x Poison Judgment of Light

- 3x Poison Domain of Strength (with two-hand weapon)

- 3x Poison Illusion Hook

And this is assuming you can reach 13-15 Venom Stacks with each of these skills.

In reality, it is way too hard to stack Venom/DoT Rate on anything but the skills that have Venom Chance on them.

With Poison Cloud I'm forced into:

- Poison Cloud Rune, Legendary: +40% Venom Chance

- Deadly Poison Rune, Legendary (Verity): +25 Venom Rate

- Flowing Pain Rune, Legendary: +~50 Venom Rate, +5% Venom Chance

- DoT Rune, Legendary (Source): +30 DoT Rate

- DoT Enhancement, Legendary (Origin): +24 DoT Rate

- Zodiac Tree, all Venom Rate, DoT Rate, Venom Chance nodes

- Possibly Zodiac Stone and Runestone DoT Rate

Only AFTER getting all these, will I get to around 100% chance to Venom against high level enemies that don't have status effect avoidance mods. And, reminder, this is with a skill that has built in 40% Venom Chance.

Because of this there's no reason to use anything but Poison Cloud for Venom.

Also, on the subject of Status Effect Damage, Burn and Bleed both don't have good options. The only ones that might be usable are Fireball (Origin) and Domain of Strength (because it can be used to apply any DoT) and even in that case, Poison Cloud deals 3x more DoT damage than either one. To be specific, all the other options for Bleed (Blade of Death, Bloodshed) and Burn (Burn Arrow) are terrible.

General suggestions:

- 2x or more Burn and Bleed base damage

- More ways to increase DoT/Venom/Burn/Bleed Rate/Chance, especially for skills that don't have built-in DoT chance

--- Easy way to do this is give Flowing Pain/Endless Pain/Burning Flame +(30-50)% DoT Chance or a LOT more DoT Rate

- Reevaluate DoT Amplificiation for: Plague Spike, Poison Orb, Blade of Death, Bloodshed, Burn Arrow, etc.

- Improve Poison Cloud coverage (please this one's important :) !!!)

Thank you.

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