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Director’s Letter Vol. 6

2023.08.03 Thursday 11:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello, I’m Ryu Myung-Sang, UNDECEMBER’s director.

The long-awaited Season 2 Act 13 Hira is coming soon!

Many have been curious about what will come next in their adventures after Ganida.

The grand finale of the journey to find the Zodiac Master and deliver Count Zid’s letter of introduction will take place in Hira.

As a nation of clouds and mist, Hira is the dwelling place of illusional beings that originate from the mysterious mist, Asellus.

Discovering how these beings are related to the Zodiac Master will be an experience that furthers the excitement of this new Act.

Like a landscape that only reveals itself once the thick mist clears, Act 13 Hira will reveal hidden truths and take Rune Hunters into a new phase in their journeys.

We hope you are looking forward to UNDECEMBER’s new Season 2 and Act 13 Hira, which will be coming to you on Aug. 31 (Thu).

After the opening of our pre-registration page on Jul. 27 (Thu), we also revealed today what new content will be added with the update 

You can see these new details about content updates on the pre-registration page, as well as the Act 13 promotional video, pre-registration rewards, and the Act’s new bosses already on the website.

Follow the link below and pre-register!

[Link to Pre-registration Website]

Season 2 New Content

In this Director’s Letter, we would like to expand on the new Season 2 content updates that were revealed on the pre-registration page.

Most of the content outlined below has already been developed and is currently in its test stages.

However, please note that some content may change if any issues are found during testing.

1) Improvements to Skills

First, a new feature for Rune Knight skills will be added.

The current role of Rune Knights is limited to simply imbuing buff effects on Abysslings, but with the new skill that will be added, ‘Hazy Melody’, Rune Knights will be able to absorb the abilities of Abysslings. Once they absorb a certain amount, they will transform into ‘Abyss Knights’.

In line with the Abssyling Elements, a total of 6 Abyss Knights will be added, and according to their characteristics, Abyss Knights will act as powerful Minions with various attack skills that are not seen in the current Rune Knights. We were originally going to introduce these improvements to Minions with Season 3, but when we saw how popular Minions were during the skill skin vote, we decided to bring forward these concepts of transformation and fusion and release them with Season 2.

Please look forward to the improved Rune Knights, the ‘Abyss Knights’!

Second, a new feature for Projectiles will also be added.

Skills that use Projectiles are popular with users for their convenience.

However, we found that many users were frustrated by the fact that Projectiles would disappear in narrow areas with many walls.

To improve this, a ‘Curve’ feature, which allows Projectiles to bounce off walls, and a ‘Return’ feature, which allows Projectiles to return to the caster, will be added for Projectiles. With this improvement in Projectile skills, we expect to see an increase in various builds that are highly effective even in narrow areas.

2) Charm Slot Upgrade

A new feature where Charm Slots can be upgraded will be added with Season 2.

With the update, users will be able to go beyond just farming Charms and matching options, and will be able to grow their Charms and upgrade their options. As adding materials to each Charm in order to upgrade them like Essences would be too much of a hurdle when considering the large variety of Charms, this new feature will instead involve users upgrading the effects of the slots in which they equip their Charms.

To increase the use of previously neglected options, we have developed this Charm Slot Upgrade feature so that various materials of different properties are required to grow Charm Slots. In accordance with this, new Charm options will be added and some deleted.

The upgrade effects of slots will include a variety of effects, such as increasing Blessing and Critical Hit effects or significantly increasing Prefix/Suffix effects while lowering Legendary effects. By using this feature carefully, users will be able to strengthen their characters’ weaknesses.

3) Illusion Dungeon and Lacrima

The Illusion Dungeon and Lacrima will be added along with Act 13 Hira.

The Illusion Dungeon is a random Chaos Dungeon event that occurs during Chaos Dungeons. The ‘Guide of Illusion’ event will occur randomly when users enter Chaos Dungeons. When Guide of Illusion occurs, a Mist Burner will appear near the entrance of the Chaos Dungeon and the dungeon will be engulfed by Illusion Energy. Users must defeat the Illusion monsters before the Illusion Energy’s duration ends.

When an Illusion Dungeon occurs, users will be able to enter a higher-level dungeon called ‘Time of Confrontation’ by using specific items.

Time of Confrontation is a time attack dungeon that consists of wave attacks. The number of waves and the difficulty of the monsters that appear will increase according to the level. Users can receive better rewards the higher the level, and will also be able to obtain the new gear, ‘Lacrima’.

Lacrima is a new item that can be equipped onto the Lacrima Statue in town, and characters’ gear can be equipped onto Lacrima.

The type and grade of gear that can be equipped is randomly determined, and the higher the grade, the more Charm Blessing values will be required.

Some of the effects of the items equipped onto Lacrima will also be applied to characters. Therefore, if users get lucky with what kind of gear they can equip onto Lacrima, they can equip specific Unique Gear that are required for skills such as ‘Quick Slash (Verity)’ onto Lacrima, and then equip other powerful gear to their character and maximize the efficiency of their build.

Experience more growth through these new Illusion Dungeons and Lacrima.

4) Guild Raid

Guild Raids, which users can enjoy with their Guild Members, will also be added.

Users can enter Guild Raids by forming a Raid party within their Guilds. Item rewards and Guild Scores are given once the Guild Raid is cleared.

Moreover, Guild Raid Rankings will also be added. Users can receive ranking rewards according to their Guild’s ranking score. In addition to the existing raid bosses, 2 new Guild Raids that have bosses of Cold + Lightning Elements and Poison + Physical Elements will be added.

In addition, as mentioned in Director’s Letter Vol. 4, 2 new modes, Origin and Hardcore, will be added. Along with the modes’ penalties, items exclusive to each mode will also be added. Some of the confirmed details include Unique Gear that have a chance of dropping as Legendary grade in Origin Mode, and new Essences and mode-exclusive Unique Gear being added to Hardcore Mode. All mode-exclusive items can be traded through the Trading Post regardless of mode. We hope you will enjoy these new modes once they are updated.

Lastly, we are also preparing new costumes and various skill skins, so please look forward to that too.

We will continue to work hard to ensure that we can give Rune Hunters a Season 2 that is more complete and exhilarating.

We look forward to seeing you on Aug. 31 (Thu).

Thank you.

Ryu Myung-Sang.

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