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Season 1 Feedback

[rogueyoshiS1] rogueyoshi
2023.07.30 Sunday 22:24 (UTC + 9)


Small Demo:


My character is strong enough defensively to not die in basically any content (even legend 145s), but to get 20k on void rift will take about 3x my current DPS (280m), which would basically require me to play until the end of the season.

I got all season challenges and rank-1 titles so I'm basically done for the season. Played somewhat f2p since i got a huge storage refund at the start of the season that i used for a few rune hunter/zodiac p***** (still big advantage honestly for orb recipes alone to print rubies early, that should be changed).

Phys Wheel Slash was great. I was able to nearly cap armor, dodge, and damage dampen + as much perfect dodge as available. Though I think the poison variant is better in defense and offense (can cap damage dampen and has amazing clear due to WW TF). The main carries are the busted defensive buffs... Shout of Provocation (perma 200% armor amp and inc dmg with trigger), Enduring Pain (near perma 200% inc dmg and 150% armor), Counterattack (100% inc dodge), Seal of Dodge (150% inc dodge and 5% perfect dodge) and Shout of Justice (600 flat life regen + perma immunity to all status effects with when hit instead of cc trigger) along with a few pieces of pure armor and evasion gear.

Here are key points from my suggestions to the old community manager before they left Needs Games...

  1. Looking forward to Origin (SSF) mode in the next season.
  2. Limit purchasable microtransactions in Origin mode to only storage and cosmetics.
  3. Traum's crystals too hard to obtain without trading, grant access to them before late endgame.
  4. Guild-only runes too much RNG, add a pity or outright purchase system.
  5. Rune candor RNG too unf***iving Needs a pity system of some kind.
  6. Game needs more in-game tutorials. I find myself having to explain how crafting mats work to a lot of new players, especially fixed essences.
  7. Zodiac nodes could be improved / key nodes more interesting. Add more passives that change how characters work fundamentally, and lessen the focus on getting damage without downsides/choice.
  8. Crafted mods (especially high craft) too RNG. Rework this system to allow more deterministic crafts, and give high-craft an entropy system to eventually guarantee what you need, or help at least.
  9. Charm legendary RNG too harsh. Many great charms get ruined by mods you can't use. Restrict the mod pool of legendary options to be related to ones currently on the charm.
  10. Chaos card events are great, add more of them, and allow more to spawn simultaneously. It really helps break up the monotony of endgame.
  11. Void rift great but boss mod RNG should be fixed. Have the monster mods be fixed for every player.
  12. Constellation needs a mob density rework. Theres way too little mobs and it feels boring to play them.
  13. Quality of items in Constellation Shop of Time should be based on emotion.
  14. Emotion engraving could benefit from the auto-repeat feature to allow target crafting without many mouse clicks.
  15. R**** are cool and I want the old raid boss patterns to be brought back in some form.
  16. Chaos compendium is boring and I want it to be more customizable akin to Path of Exile's Atlas Passives, so you can specialize in farming chaos cards however you want, or make them harder for more rewards.

Thank you! Season 1 was great and with a few tweaks this game could really be a mainstay with some changes.

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