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Jul. 6 Update (Jul. 6 12:59 (UTC+9) Edited)

2023.07.04 Tuesday 22:20 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

Our next update will take place on Jul. 6 (Thu).

Please see below for more details.

※ The following information may change when the update takes place.

※ Information on bug fixes will be released in a separate notice.


※ These are the updates, improvements, and changes that will come into place with the update.

 New PvP Content: Crusade of Glory

- The pre-season of the new PvP content, ‘Crusade of Glory’, will be added.

■ What is Crusade of Glory?

- Crusade of Glory is a player-vs-player battle content where 4 players are matched into 1 team and face an opposing team.

- Victory/loss in Crusade of Glory is determined by the score achieved during the duration of the battle.

- You can obtain team points by defeating opposing team members or by obtaining the Victory Point Chests in the center.

- Ratings are given to users according to their participation and victories/loss, and users with similar ratings are matched.


■ How to Participate

- You can enter the Crusade of Glory content by following these steps: ‘Recruitment Board’ > ‘Crusade of Glory’ menu > ‘Enter’ button.

✔ Preset Settings

- Crusade of Glory does not use your current character’s gear, skills, Zodiac Traits etc., but instead uses preset settings.

- You can select each slot in the Preset Settings menu and set the details you want.

- Once you select a slot, the Zodiac Traits, gear, skills and Link Runes that can be used will be displayed.

  You can only change these from within the set list. 

- The skills that can be used for each gear are set.

- The Link Runes that can be used for each skill are also set. You can use the skill’s ‘Link Rune Settings’ button to set Link Runes as favorites (★).

- You can set up to 3 presets, and once you have finished, press the ‘Save’ button.

  You cannot change the details of your presets once you have entered Crusade of Glory. 

※ If you do not press the ‘Save’ button after setting your presets, your settings will not be saved, so please make sure to save your details.

※ Please make sure you complete your preset settings before matching and preparing for battle.

※ The skills and items that can be set in your presets can be found in the Crusade of Glory page within the game.

- There will be a waiting period once you enter Crusade of Glory.

- You can check your allies’ presets during the waiting period, and in accordance with those, you can select and switch one of your presets.

- Once the waiting period ends, or once all 8 players have selected the ‘Preset Setting Complete’ button, the battle with the opposing team will begin.

※ Although you can switch presets, you cannot change the details that are set within the presets.

✔ Crusade of Glory Battle Area

- The battle area is divided into 5 areas that consist of east, west, south, north, and center.

- Excluding the center, the other areas have Waypoints that will allow you to quickly move to your desired area.

  (You cannot use the enemy team’s Waypoints.)

- You can see the Crusade of Glory map by pressing the ‘Tab’ key or ‘Map’, and there you can check the location of specific objects, your allies, and your enemies.

✔ How Crusade of Glory Works

- When you begin, your character will be at Lv. 1 and will have a set amount of Battle Coins and Potions, and their Ultimate Skill will be deactivated.

- Your character level will increase through the EXP obtained when you defeat enemies or after a certain amount of time passes.

  ● Every time your level increases, you can select a Skill Rune once and increase its level. Your Ultimate Skill will activate at Lv. 3.

  ● Each Skill Rune has a different growth limit, and some cannot be leveled up.

- You can obtain ‘Battle Coins’, which are only used in Crusade of Glory, at certain times or through activities in the battle area.

  ① You can obtain Battle Coins by approaching the ones that are dropped throughout the Crusade of Glory map with your character.

  ② You can also obtain a certain amount of Battle Coins by defeating characters in the opposing team.

  ③ You can obtain a large amount of Battle Coins by opening the Battle Coin Chests located in the central area.

- You can use the Battle Coins you obtain to purchase Link Runes at NPC Mystic Pauline’s Shop in the Crusade of Glory waiting room.

  ● When using the Link Rune Shop, only the Link Runes that can be equipped to your selected skills will be shown.

※ Link Runes will be equipped immediately upon purchase, and multiple Link Runes of the same type cannot be equipped to one skill.

- The remaining time and the team’s Victory Points for the Blue and Red teams will be shown at the top of the screen.

  ● You can obtain Victory Points by defeating characters on the opposing team or by opening the Victory Point Chests in the central area.

  ● Depending on the difference in Victory Points, score compensation will be made and will affect the disadvantaged and advantaged teams.

The disadvantaged team’s obtained points will increase while the advantaged team’s obtained points will decrease.

- A ‘Danger Zone’ will activate in certain areas of the battle area at certain times.

  ● A message reading ‘Danger Zone has been activated’ will appear and a red veil will begin spreading out from the center of a specific area.

  ● If you come into contact with the red veil, your HP will be continuously consumed. The veil will last for a set amount of time.

  ● You can view the area in which the Danger Zone has been activated as well as the veil’s duration time by pressing the ‘Tab’ key or ‘Map’.

  ● Once there is not much battle time remaining, all areas except the central area will become Danger Zones.

✔ Crusade of Glory Objects

- ‘Sanctums’, ‘Battle Coin Chests’, and ‘Victory Point Chests’ are placed around the battle area.

- One Sanctum is placed in the battle area’s northern area and one in the southern area.

  As they grant advantageous effects, occupying them before the opposing team will be important.

- Battle Coin Chests and Victory Point Chests are located in the central area of the battle area.

  As opening the chests take time, you may be interrupted by the opposing team.

: You can obtain a large amount of Battle Coins by opening Battle Coin Chests.

: You can obtain a large amount of Victory Points for your team by opening Victory Point Chests.

■ Rewards and Rankings

- The team that reaches the target score first during the Crusade of Glory, or the team with the higher score after the time limit ends, will be victorious.

- You will get ratings when you win, and your tier will rise as your rating increases.

- You can surrender with ‘Team Battle Surrender’ from the ‘K/D Info’ menu.

※ You can obtain various rewards depending on your participation and tier. 

※ Please note that there will be no tiers for the first Crusade of Glory season as it is a pre-season.

✔ The types of rewards you can obtain through Crusade of Glory are as follows:

- Daily Participation Rewards: These rewards can be claimed just by simply participating in Crusade of Glory, and can be obtained up to 5 times a day.

- Daily Victory RewardsThese rewards can be claimed when you participate in Crusade of Glory and win, and can be obtained up to 3 times a day.

- Ranking Rewards: Based on your Crusade of Glory ratings, these rewards are given by using your highest rankings to calculate weekly rankings.

- Weekly Rewards: Rewards are given according to the tier you achieve by the set reward date each week.

- Season Rewards: Rewards are given based on your final recorded tier once the Crusade of Glory season ends.

※ Your points may decrease if you do not participate in Crusade of Glory for a certain period of time. 

※ Rewards for each ranking can be viewed within the game.

 Weekly and Season Rewards will not be given during the pre-season

■ Constellation of Time

- Changes will be made so that if you have not claimed all your stage rewards for Constellation of Time, you can claim Essence rewards after receiving them all in one go.

■ Stat Info

- After the update, skills registered in trigger slots will be displayed on the ‘Stat Info’ > ‘Skill Info’ window.

■ Alchemy

- After the update, information on conditions for unlocking slots and Alchemy boosting effects will be shown when opening the ‘Active Alchemy Effects’ window on the Alchemy screen.

■ Auction House

- The UI for items that have a waiting time before being available to resell will be improved.

■ Link Runes

- The tag for linking conditions for ‘Aim’ will be changed from ‘Attack’ to ‘Strike’.

- After the update, users will not be able to link ‘Aim’ to Abyssling Skill Runes.

■ Void Rift

- Void Rift 5 will end and Void Rift 6 will begin!

  Your Void Rift progress, Rank Points, and reward history will be reset.

  The boss monsters of each area will also change once the Void Rift is reset.

  You will not be able to receive previous rewards once the period ends, so please collect all rewards before the maintenance takes place.

- Each Void Rift will take place for 2 weeks.

- The spawn location of the Void Rift boss monster, ‘Sand Bug Virak’, will be changed to the center of the boss zone.

■ Zodiac Pass

- Zodiac Pass 5 will end.

  You will not be able to claim Zodiac Pass 5 rewards after the Jul. 6 (Thu) scheduled maintenance,

  so please claim the relevant rewards before then.

- Zodiac Pass 6 will begin!

  For more details, please check the in-game ‘Event’ tab in the upper right corner of the screen.

- The Zodiac Pass period will last for 2 weeks.

- After the update, a purchase agreement pop-up message will appear when purchasing the Zodiac Pass.

◆ New Products for Sale

■ Packages

- Sunglasses Package

- Miraseti Swimsuit Package

- Raglan Rash Guard Package

 * For more details on the sales period of these new packages, please check the in-game Paid Shop.

◈ Events

※ These are the new events that will be added with the update.

◆ 2 Traum Summer Festival Events

- The Traum Summer Festival will begin!

* For more details, please check the game and the event notice that will be uploaded on Jul. 6 (Thu).

◆ Summer Event - Saluto

- To celebrate summer, Saluto and the Guild Base have been redecorated!

✔ The summer theme for Saluto and the Guild Base will remain in place for the duration of the event.

* When creating a Chaos Dungeon with a ‘Default Portal’ equipped, a cool summer-themed entry portal will appear!

✔ Changes to Main Screen

- The main screen shown at the start of the game will also be changed to a summer theme.

◆ Summer Event - Swimsuit Costumes

- To help make the summer feel cooler, new Swimsuit Costumes will be added!

✔ Swimsuit Costumes can be purchased through the Paid Shop or the ‘Beauty’ menu, or can be obtained through the Dice Event.

 * Swimsuit Costumes obtained through purchases or events can still be used after the Jul. 27 (Thu) maintenance.

 * However, Swimsuit Costumes cannot be purchased or obtained after the Jul. 27 (Thu) maintenance.

■ How to get Costume Coupons from the Paid Shop

- Press the ‘Paid Shop’ icon on the top right of the game screen.

- Press theRecommendedtab on the left side of the Paid Shop screen.

- Press the package you want from the list. You can purchase them once per account.

● Once you have purchased a Costume Package at the Paid Shop and obtained a coupon, press the ‘Beauty’ icon from the menu (三).

 Select the relevant costume from the 3 costumes available and press the ‘Purchase’ button.

● Purchased Costumes can be equipped and removed from the ‘Equip Slot’ section on the right.

※ Costumes available from Paid Shop: Miraseti Swimsuit Raglan Rash Guard Sunglasses

■ How to get Costumes from Event and Beauty

Event – How to Get Costumes

● Press the ‘Event’ icon on the top right of the game screen.

● From the ‘Traum Summer Festival’ Dice Event, which will begin after the Jul. 6 (Thu) maintenance,

   you can obtain a coupon as a Dice Board completion reward that will allow you to choose 1 of the 3 Costumes below.

● With this coupon, you can purchase the relevant Costume from the ‘Beauty’ menu.

'Beauty' menu – How to Get Costumes

● Press the ‘Beauty’ icon from the top right menu (三) on the game screen.

● Select the Swimsuit Costume you want and press ‘Purchase’ to spend the required Currency and obtain the Costume.

● The below Costumes will be available to purchase after the Jul. 6 (Thu) maintenance - until before the Jul. 27 (Thu) maintenance.

※ Costumes that can be exchanged as rewards for the Dice Event/purchased from the ‘Beauty’ menu:

    : Summer Sun Swimsuit / Palm Shade Swimsuit Sandy Beach Swimsuit

※ To Note

● Swimsuit Costumes cannot be purchased or obtained after the Jul. 27 (Thu) maintenance.

   However, Swimsuit Costumes obtained through purchases or events can still be used after the Jul. 27 (Thu) maintenance.

● If you select a specific type of Swimsuit Costume Package and obtain its Costume, you cannot change to a different type of Costume.

● Costumes are shared within your account, meaning that all the characters within the same account can wear the Costumes.

● The period and details outlined above may be subject to change.

◆ Summer Event – 1 Exclusive Emoji

- A special emoji exclusive to the summer events will be added.

 The emoji can be used after you have purchased and equipped a Swimsuit Costume.

✔ The emoji feature can be used in ‘Chat’.

✔ Emoji - Sunbathing

(Jul. 6 2023, 12:59 (UTC+9) Edited)

◈ New Products

※ These are the new products that will be added with the update.

◆ Zodiac Pass 6

The Zodiac Pass product will be updated.

 Passes can be used and purchased from ‘Event’ in the upper right corner.

■ Zodiac Pass Use Period

- After the Jul. 6 (Thu) maintenance – Until before the Jul. 20 (Thu) maintenance

■ What is the Zodiac Pass?

- Purchasing a Zodiac Pass applies the following benefits during the Pass period:

  Alchemy Slot + 1, Formula Slot +1, Alchemy Brewing Acceleration +50%, Zodiac Free Reset

- By clearing Zodiac Pass missions, you can collect EXP and raise your Pass Level.

  You can then obtain the various rewards corresponding to each level.

- Pass Rewards are available for up to Level 20, and you can only obtain rewards for each level once.

- Zodiac Passes are applied according to mode within each account, and once purchased, its effects are also applied separately according to mode.

This means that Zodiac Pass missions, rewards, and levels are shared within each mode.

E.g.) Your play in Standard Mode will not be affected by your Pass in Season Mode.

■ Zodiac Pass Rewards

- Normal Rewards: Can be obtained when your Zodiac Pass Level increases.

- Premium Rewards: Can be obtained when you purchase the Premium Pass and your Zodiac Pass Level increases.

Details on rewards for each level can be found within the game.

■ Premium Rewards

- If you purchase the Premium Zodiac Pass, you can receive Premium Rewards in addition to Normal Rewards when your Pass Level increases.

- With Premium Rewards, you can obtain higher value rewards such as [Exclusive] Rune Engraving Stone Selection Chests.

- Purchased Premium Rewards will only be applied during the current pass period, so please make sure to claim them before the period expires.

■ To Note

※ The outlined period and details above may be subject to change.

※ Once the Zodiac Pass period ends, your progress level, points, and rewards will be changed and reset.

※ If you have activated level rewards, please claim them before the end of the period.

※ Premium Rewards can only be claimed if you purchase the Premium Pass.

※ These products may be resold in a same or similar format in the future.

◈ Bug Fixes

[Jul. 06 Bug Fixes and Current Known Issues]

We hope that these update details will help you avoid any inconvenience as you play the game.

Thank you.

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