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Director’s Letter Vol. 5

2023.06.30 Friday 20:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello, I’m Ryu Myung-Sang, UNDECEMBER’s director.

We hope you are enjoying the summer weather so far!

We’ll start this letter by announcing the long-awaited results for the ‘Skill Skin Event’.

Through our previous Director’s Letter, we held a voting event so that users could choose which skills they wanted new skill skins for from the skills that currently do not have any.

Both Korean and global users participated in the vote that lasted for around 3 weeks, from Jun. 1 to Jun. 22.

The votes were spread relatively evenly, leading to a fierce battle for first place.

Here are the skill skin vote results! Please see below for the top 5 voted skills.

First place was taken by ‘Summon Javelin Abyssling‘ with 9.4% of the votes, while ‘Cross Slash’ and ‘Cold Outburst’ came in second and third places respectively.

Although not shown above, most of the skills from fifth place onwards received votes within a narrow margin, meaning that unfortunately, many of them were not able to make it into the top five.

We would like to thank all Rune Hunters for participating in this skill skin vote event.

High-quality skill skins for the skills that ranked in the top five will be added in the next Season, and we are also preparing other various skill skins.

In addition, with the skill that came in first place, we’ve taken the popularity of Abysslings into account, and are working on some extensive improvements to be made to Abysslings, so please look forward to that.

We introduced the ‘Crusade of Glory’ content in advance in our previous Director’s Letter and first announced that it would be updated in June.

But as we needed more time to adjust the content’s balance during our development stage, we changed the update schedule to July in the middle.

We apologize for disappointing Rune Hunters who were looking forward to it being updated in June.

Currently, development has now been completed and final internal tests are in progress.

Through this Director’s Letter, we would like to explain the new version of Crusade of Glory that will be updated soon in more detail.

■ Renewed Crusade of Glory

As some users may remember, Crusade of Glory first opened as a free-for-all PVP content.

Users were able to participate in battles with the weapons and builds they were currently using.

There were objects for recovering Health and buff-type effects that increased attack power all over the map, so that when battles started, users could use the terrain and buffs to become the final survivor and take first place.

However, in contrast to our initial intentions, a pattern of one-sided play became established, and we saw a pattern where characters, rather than participating in the content to battle others, were instead intentionally neglected so that daily participation could be fulfilled.

We therefore reconsidered the content’s aims and reworked the content so that we could restructure it anew.

As briefly mentioned in the previous Director’s Letter, the renewed Crusade of Glory will consist of 4v4 team battles.

When you start the content, the gear and Rune settings equipped to your current character cannot be used, and basic stats such as Zodiacs and Charms will not be applied.

You will need to use a separate preset that is exclusive to Crusade of Glory to set up new gear, skills, and Zodiac settings.

Zodiac Traits are simplified to 3 types - Dealer, Balance, and Utility - and we have focused on the effects of each.

Skills are divided into Main, Normal, Ultimate, Movement, and Support groups, and you can set the 5 skill slots in various ways according to your playstyle.

For example, Rune Hunters who are confident with control can engage in battles with a charge-type style that uses Shields, Defense Seals and Attack Movement skills.

Those who prefer supporting from the rear can enjoy the battles using Totems, Shouts etc.

You can set up to 3 presets in total, and you cannot change them while the game is in progress.

You can however, change them while waiting, so make sure to prepare various presets in advance and use them according to your team combination.

The way to win is simple. The first team to reach the target score wins.

Defeat enemies and obtain Battle Coins and EXP to raise your level, and purchase Link Runes to grow your team faster than opposing teams and get a higher score.

In addition to defeating enemies, you can obtain Battle Coins or Victory Points through map objects.

The upcoming update for this content will be a pre-season version, and will undergo detailed balance adjustments.

Afterwards, when the content officially opens, more skills and PVP-exclusive items will be added, and a growth system and a matching ranking system will be introduced.

We hope that this content will allow users to experience a new kind of fun by using UNDECEMBER’s various skills strategically.

Watch the promotional video below to see a preview of Crusade of Glory before the update.

■ Summer Event

Along with the Crusade of Glory update, a new summer event, ‘Traum Summer Festival’, will also be added.

The 3 Swimsuit costumes that were very popular last summer will be making a return, and you can enjoy UNDECEMBER’s summer through the various summer objects that will be added around Saluto.

A Lucky Dice event where you can obtain existing Swimsuit costumes and other various items will also take place.

We’re also preparing a Free Rune Transfer event and 3 new summer costumes, so please look forward to that!

In addition to the content we’ve introduced through this Director’s Letter, we are also continuously working on improving the game’s convenience and fixing bugs.

If you experience any issues or have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with us through the Community or Support.

We hope you enjoy the summer with UNDECEMBER, and we look forward to seeing you again in the next Director’s Letter.

Ryu Myung-Sang.

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