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Jun. 8 Bug Fixes and Current Known Issues (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

2023.06.08 Thursday 12:14 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

Here is information on bug fixes and other current issues that were found after the Jun. 8 (Thu) UNDECEMBER update.

Please see below for more details.

※ The following may change or be postponed in the future.

◈ Known Issues

※ These are the issues that have currently been found since the update.

- Issue where paid storage product names are displayed as code values in some environments (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

- Issue where when the unique option and imbued option in a Runestone is the same effect, the values displayed in the rune tooltip is different to the values actually applied (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

└ This is an issue with the tooltip, and the actual values that are applied are correct.

- Issue where the HP Regen stats of minions and sentries do not work properly (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

- Issue where the firing angle of projectiles is incorrect in certain locations when the trigger skill is a projectile skill (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

- Issue where the tooltip for the ‘Maintain Position’ buff of the ‘Sacred Light’ Skill Rune is different to the actual option (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

- Issue where attacks sometimes do not work properly when using Smart Control after equipping the ‘Arctic Shard’ Skill Rune (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

- Issue where some Rune Growth UI is located off the screen on certain devices (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

- Issue where the priority order for consumed material items is incorrect when trying to Quick Fill and Max Level Up for Rune Growth (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

- Issue where Rune Growth Material Elements stored in Material Storage do not match the registered consumption amount (Jun. 22 14:30 (UTC+9) Edited)

└ When this issue occurs, users cannot proceed with growth as the amounts do not match. Please unregister the materials before registering them again in order to proceed.

- Issue where certain options are not displayed in the option chance list (Repeat Settings) when enchanting some types of gear (Jun. 20 17:10 (UTC+9) Added)

└ First affected gear and options: 'Rune Knight DMG +%’ and ‘Abyssling DMG +%' options for Scepter, Wand, and Baton gear missing

└ Second affected gear and options: ‘Sentry DMG +%’ option for Bow and Steel Bow gear missing

- Issue where the ‘Triple Maximized DMG Chance’ option is not displayed when looking on the skill tab of the ‘Strike of Persistence’ Skill Rune (Jun. 21 17:58 (UTC+9) Added)

◈ Bug Fixes

※ These are the bug fixes that took place with the update.

■ Descent Raid

- The issue where ‘Sicus – Hard’ was displayed as ‘Carovan – Hard’ when setting the Detailed Objective in Descent Raid party info has been fixed.

■ Chaos Missions

- The issue where some chests obtained from Chaos Missions could not be opened has been fixed.

■ Guild

- The issue where the cooldown for promoting a Guild Master was applied incorrectly has been fixed.

- The issue where when Guild Masters are automatically promoted, the promotion is imbued on Guild Members of a different mode in certain circumstances has been fixed.

■ Items

- The issue where tiers that did not meet Affix option imbue standards were imbued when identifying Charms in Storage has been fixed.

■ Skill Runes

- The issue where the ‘Unending Trial’ skill effect sometimes did not activate when using the Quick Slash Skill Rune Awakening (Verity) skill has been fixed.

■ Avatars

- The issue where some tag information for Aquilla and Miraseti Avatars was displayed incorrectly has been fixed.

Aquilla Avatar Tag



Cold, Reflect DMG, DMG, Potion, Totem, Resource, Curse

Cold, Barrier, DMG, Minion, Totem, Resource, Curse

Miraseti Avatar Tag



Cold, Barrier, Minion, DMG, Cold Energy, Enhance Potion, Curse

Cold, Reflect DMG, DMG, Cold Energy, Enhance Potion, Curse

■ Drops

- The issue where the below item did not drop has been fixed.

 * Mass Murder Magazine

■ Monsters

- The issue where monsters could not be hit when users entered the field after selecting a character has been fixed.

■ Other

- The issue where the screen sometimes displayed incorrectly when running the game in certain environments has been fixed.

We hope that these bug fixes and details on known issues will help you avoid any inconvenience as you play the game.

Thank you.

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