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Director’s Letter Vol. 3

2023.03.29 Wednesday 15:15 (UTC + 9)

Hello, I’m Ryu Myung-Sang, UNDECEMBER’s director.

First, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Rune Hunters

for showing continued interest in the game

and for watching over the changes that are coming to UNDECEMBER.

After the pre-registration page and the Director’s Commentary about the new Season Mode was released,

we found a trend where many Rune Hunters expressed curiosity about the new changes.

To help users easily see the answers for some frequently asked questions,

we have structured this letter in a Q&A format.

1. What is the difference between Standard Mode and Season Mode?

Standard Mode and Season Mode have the same growth speed, item drop rate, and game content.          

However, there are some Beauty products and Titles that can be obtained in Season Mode

through missions, Ranking Rewards, and other content that are exclusive to Season Mode.

2. Can I use the Currency I own equally in both Modes?

Diamonds and Rubies will remain as ‘shared-within-account’ Currency,

meaning that they can be used equally in both Standard Mode and Season Mode.

Excluding these, Currency obtained within the game, such as Gold, Gemstones, and Coins,

will be ‘shared-within-mode’ Currency, meaning that they can only be used in the Mode in which they were obtained.

3. Do I need to repurchase Convenience and Beauty Products that I have already bought?

Content that is categorized as Convenience and Beauty,

such as various types of Storage, Storage Expansion, Pets, Zodiac Walker, and Costumes,

are ‘shared-within-account’ content, and can be used equally regardless of mode.

Therefore, users will be able to use all previously purchased Storage, Pets etc., both in Standard and Season Mode.


4. How is each game content classified according to modes?

Alchemy, the Black Market, Titles, Achievements, and Mastery will be changed

so that they are no longer separate for each character, but ‘shared within characters of each mode’.

Once Season Mode ends, this content will be integrated into Standard Mode based on the mode with the higher values.

Chaos Statue Levels, the Chaos Compendium, Item Compendium, and Relics are all ‘shared-within-mode’ content,

and growth values will be shared within each mode.

5. Are there any differences between the Auction House in Standard Mode and Season Mode?

What is the Combined Trading Post?

The Auction House for Standard Mode and Season Mode will be operated separately.

The current Auction House, where you can have Buyouts and Bidding,

will be operated in the same way as the Server Auction House, whilst a new Combined Trading Post,

where Bidding is not possible but Buyouts with global users from all around the world are, will be added.

6Will there be changes to the products sold at the Shop?

As the game’s direction changes along with the addition of Season Mode,

the business model of the game will also change.

There will be more focus on the accessibility of the game, Passes, and Beauty Products,

and many items that were previously not available to trade between users will become available to trade.

7. How will content with Mileage, such as Rune Birth and Rune Synthesis, change?

Content that currently has Mileage and Mileage Counts will be ‘shared-within-mode’ content,

and when this content is integrated into Standard Mode after the Season ends,

it will be integrated based on the Mode with the higher values.

(e.g. If a user has 6 Mileage in Season Mode, and 3 Mileage in Standard Mode,

6 Mileage will be applied when the modes are integrated.)

8. Other

- How will Rankings work?

  : Rankings will be managed separately for each mode,

   and the Rankings that are applied and the rewards that are given will be separate for each mode.

- How will Slot Expansion work?

 : The expansion of Rune Slots and Trigger Slots will be applied per character as before.

- What will happen to Season Mode characters once Season Mode ends?

  : Once a Season ends, characters used in Season Mode

  will be automatically moved and integrated into Standard Mode when the next Season starts.

We hope that this Director’s Letter helps to address many of your questions.

We will try to communicate with users more often through more Director’s Letters in the future.

Thank you.

Ryu Myung-Sang.

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