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Mar. 29 (Wed) Update

2023.03.28 Tuesday 17:00 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

Our next update will be taking place on Mar. 29 (Wed).

Please refer to the information below for more details.

※ The following information may change when the update takes place.

※ All screenshots were taken on a test server and details are subject to change.


※ The following information is related to the new content that will be added through the update.

◆ Descent Raid - Season 7

- A new season of Descent Raids is coming!

✔ You can enter the new raid through the Recruitment Board in each Act Town or in Saluto.

■ Descent Raid Details

- A new season of Descent Raids, Trischema and Ochogneel, is coming!

  1. Trischema will start on Mar. 29 (Wed) and last 2 weeks, whilst Ochogneel will start on Apr. 5 (Wed) and last 2 weeks.
  2. When the raids open, select the boss for the raid before matching and entering.

       The raids’ opening times will be the same as previous raids.

- The required level for entering the Trischema and Ochogneel Descent Raids is Lv.80, and the party size is 8 players.

- Descent Raids are special raids that you can only enter at certain times during the day.

- Once the raid is available, you can challenge the boss by either creating a raid party or matching.

- You can obtain a Unique Runestone once you defeat the Descent Raid boss.

- The Runestone you can obtain from the Descent Raid is Lv.100.

■ Shadow Mirror

- Collect Shadow Mirror Shards to complete the Shadow Mirror and receive rewards upon clearing the Descent Raid.

- You can still defeat the boss without completing the Shadow Mirror, but you will not be able to receive Clear Rewards.

 * Shadow Mirror Shards can be obtained from the field or through Chaos Dungeon drops.

 * You cannot obtain any more Shadow Mirror Shards once the Shadow Mirror is fully completed.

■ Additional Rewards

- Defeating the Descent Raid Boss can lead to additional rewards such as DMG Rewards and Clear Rewards.

 ㄴDMG Rewards – Can be obtained depending on your highest Total DMG score from your encounters.

 ㄴClear Rewards – Can be obtained by repeatedly defeating the Descent Raid boss after completing the Shadow Mirror.

■ To Note

※ Details and rewards may be subject to change.

※ Descent Raids take place through seasons (2 weeks per season, 1 week break).

◆ 2023 Spring Greeting Celebration Event

- A new event, ‘Spring Greeting Celebration Event’, will begin!

- To celebrate the coming of Spring, a drop event and attendance reward event will be taking place.

 ① During the event period, you can obtain Spring Greeting Chests

   when you defeat monsters in Episodes or in Chaos Dungeons.

      You can get the chance to obtain special items, such as Traum’s Crystal, when using Spring Greeting Chests.

 ② During the event period, you can obtain rewards through attendance for a total of 7 days

  * For more details, please refer to the event notice that will be going up on Mar. 29 (Wed).

   Details will also be available within the game.

◈ Improvement and Other Changes

※ These are the improvements and changes that will come into place along with the update.

◆ Improvements

✔ UI

- The Promote Party message will be improved so that it does not go beyond the Chat screen area.

✔ Skills

- Among the skills used by the Mad Shaman Mill boss monster,

 the hit detection of certain skills where Projectiles are emitted will be improved.

✔ Recruit Party

- ‘Descent Raid – Trischema’ will be added to the Recruit Party Objectives.

✔ Descent Raid

- Improvements will be made so that the character moves to the center

 when the Descent Raid Carovan uses certain skills.

✔ Monster

- The name of a normal monster that has the same name as the boss monster, ‘Legion of Evil Priest’, will be changed.

 : Normal monster: ‘Legion of Evil Priest’ → 'Legion of Evil Shaman'

✔ Item

- Changes will be made so that the following 3 items can be registered at the Auction House.

  * High Traces of Creation (Weapon)

  * High Traces of Creation (Armor)

  * High Traces of Creation (Accessory)

◆ Other Changes

✔ Void Rift - Season 9

- The previous season of Void Rift will end, and a new season will begin!

- Your Void Rift progress, Rank Points, and reward history will reset every season.

- The boss monsters and levels of each area will also change once the Void Rift is reset.

- You will not be able to receive the previous season’s rewards once the season ends,

  so please be sure to collect all rewards before maintenance takes place.

- The Void Rift season will take place for 3 weeks.


✔ Rune Hunter Pass – Season 8

- Rune Hunter Pass Season 8 will end after Mar. 29 (Wed) 09:00 (UTC+9).

✔ Brown’s Lucky Dice Event

- Brown’s Lucky Dice Event will also be coming to an end.

※ Please note that once you log in to the game after the Mar. 29 (Wed) maintenance,

   the Golden Dice in your bag will disappear and therefore cannot be used or sold.

※ The event will end after the Mar. 29 (Wed) maintenance, so please make sure you use

   your Lucky Dice and Golden Dice within the event period. Unused Dice will disappear.

◈ Game Balance Changes

✔ Content

- Descent Raid monster levels will be adjusted from Lv.112 to Lv.116.

◈ Bug Fixes

✔ Skills

- The issue where the second strike is sometimes not applied

 when using a Combo Skill after equipping a 2-handed weapon will be fixed.

✔ Stats

- The issue where Stats decrease when equipping and removing items with certain options will be fixed.

✔ Items

- The issue where Immune to Freeze does not work properly when Strength and Dexterity is 300 or higher

 among the options of the Unique Item, 'Frost Moss Chest', will be fixed.

- The issue where some Unique Items incorrectly deal additional DMG will be fixed.

  ※ Affected Items: Blazing Orbit, Azure Providence, Lightning Nail

We hope you are looking forward to these updates and continue to enjoy your journey in UNDECEMBER.

Thank you.

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