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Ganida Update and Global Service Integration Key Changes

2023.03.24 Friday 00:01 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

The Ganida update will take place through the Apr. 27 (Thu) maintenance,

and the Korean server will be added to the game’s list of servers as it is integrated with our Global service. 

This notice explains in advance the major changes that will be coming after the Global service integration,

so please see the information below to avoid any inconvenience whilst playing the game.

1. Season Mode

As explained in the Director’s Commentary video, in order to provide more variety and fun in the game,

future updates will introduce a Season Mode that will run at regular intervals.

The introduction of this Season Mode will mean that the game will be provided with a new balance every season.

During the Season Mode period, you can choose and play the Season Mode once you create a character.

The first Season after the Global service integration will begin with the scheduled maintenance on Apr. 27 (Thu).

Although there may be some differences in the rewards you obtain in the game if you play in Season Mode,

the game content and growth speed of characters will be the same for both Standard Mode and Season Mode.

2. Information on Characters 

Once the first Season begins after the Global service integration on Apr. 27 (Thu),

all characters that were previously created and played with will be set as Standard Mode characters,

meaning that you will need to create new characters in order to enjoy Season Mode.

Currently, the maximum number of characters that can be created is 8,

and this will not change even with the Global service integration. 

Character slots will, however, be changed so that all 8 slots can be used without purchase.

Users who have previously expanded their Character slots will be refunded with Currency

according to the number of slots they have expanded.

There may be some cases where some Rune Hunters may have difficulties when creating Season characters,

so we will be adjusting the waiting time for character deletion from the standard 3 days (72 hours) to 3 hours.

We are also planning on adding a feature for converting Standard Mode characters to Season Mode characters. 

When changing a character’s mode, all information about the character, apart from their name and appearance, will be reset. 

However, please note that we will not be able to provide you with separate assistance, such as restoring characters,

if you accidentally delete a character or change its mode.

So please make sure you consider your decision carefully when deleting a character or changing modes.

Season characters that are created to be used for Season Mode will be changed to ‘Normal Mode’ characters,

or in other words, Standard Mode characters, at the end of the Season.

More detailed information related to this will be released with the update on Apr. 27 (Thu).

3. Introduction of Combined Trading Post 

After the Global service integration, a Combined Trading Post,

where items from all servers can be traded, will be added to the game.

With the Combined Trading Post, you will be able to trade the various items

that are registered on the Asia/America/Europe/Korea servers, regardless of the server.

However, in the Combined Trading Post, trade will only be available in the form of Buyouts.

The Bidding system will only be available in the current Auction House.

For example, if you register an item for sale in the Combined Trading Post on the Asia server,

Bidding will not be possible and the item can only be purchased through Buyout. 

On the other hand, if you register an item for Bidding on the Europe server,

you will not be able to use the Combined Trading Post and only trade the item within the Europe server.

4. Item Balance Changes and Increase in Tradable Items 

With the update on Apr. 27 (Thu), the overall balance of items will be adjusted.

Along with balance adjustments, the types of tradable items will also be increased.

You can find details on the types of tradable items by checking in-game item details after the update.

5. Changes to Rune Balance and Engraving Methods

With the update on Apr. 27 (Thu), the overall balance of Skill and Link Runes will be adjusted.

As some of the content in the current Korean service and Global service are different,

some content may change according to game balance adjustments as the services are integrated.

In addition, as users expressed disappointment about the way in which random results

are currently obtained when Engraving in the game,

we are considering improving the system so that you can designate and imbue the Awakening Effects you want. 

We will work hard to enhance your positive experience of the game by improving the system

so that you can obtain results that you choose, rather than results that are randomly obtained.

If the Engraving system is improved, current items related to Engraving and Awakening will be deleted,

and so that they can be used within the improved system, Seal of Engraving will be given as Engraving Stone Selections Chests,

whilst Awakening Stones will be given as Engraving Stones according to each type of Skill/Link Rune.

6. Changes to Ortemis Growth Support Chest Event Period 

Although the ‘Ortemis Growth Support Chest Event’ was scheduled to last until May. 31 (Wed) after the Ortemis update,

the event will now end earlier due to the Global service integration.

The event will now last until before the scheduled maintenance on Apr. 27 (Thu),

so please be aware of this and ensure that you finish the event before it ends. 

7. Changes to the Guild System

There will also be some changes made to the Guild system with this upcoming update. 

The Guild Level and users’ personal ranking level within the Guild will be deleted. 

As before, Guild Masters can level up Guild Buffs, but in relation to activating Buffs (using them),

we are considering improving the system so that each individual Guild Member can use the Buffs.

8. Zodiac Improvements

With the balance adjustments made to items and Runes, some Zodiac content may also change.

Moreover, we are looking into new features, such as features for bringing and applying another user’s Zodiac information,

and for resetting only some Zodiac Points that have already been imbued in the Zodiac menu.

If these improvements end up being applied to the game, users will be able to set and apply Zodiacs more easily.

9. Changes to Alchemy & Crafting

The Alchemy system will be changed to ‘account-shared’ content,

meaning that all slots will become available to all characters on the account.

Changes will be made to Alchemy Slots so that instead of slots being expanded through the use of existing Currency,

they will be unlocked through various content, such as Achievement Rewards.

With this change in the slot expansion method, we are planning on refunding Currency that has been used to already unlock slots.  

Orb Combining and Formula Page lists will be changed from being according to each character,

to being shared within the account, and current Orb Recipes will be maintained.

However, with these lists being integrated into account-shared lists,

we are looking into giving separate rewards for cases where the Orb Recipe used for each character is duplicated.

In addition, items that are being crafted whilst Global service integration is taking place will be deleted,

so please ensure that you finish crafting before the server maintenance for service integration.

Moreover, as Crafting Levels will also be deleted, we will be refunding any Currency (Star Memory, Gold)

that have been used for your current Level Up to the relevant character that used it. 

10. Chaos Compendium System Renewal

As the current system where Compendium Growth is done through Star Crystals will be changed,

users will no longer be able to obtain Star Crystals after the integration of our services.

Star Crystals that are unused before service integration will be converted into Darkness Energy,

and Gold used for your current Chaos Compendium Growth will be refunded.

11. Adjustments to Required EXP for Growth Content

For most of the content that requires users to obtain EXP in order to grow,

such as Rune Growth, Characters, Relics, and Mastery, the amount of EXP required for each level will be adjusted. 

We hope that through these adjustments, users will be able to experience faster growth.

12. Expansion of Default Inventory Slots

Once service integration is complete, the default number of Inventory slots will be expanded to 300.

Through this, we hope to ease any frustrating experiences that come from obtaining

a large number of items during your journey, and hope to make your adventures more convenient.

Users who have already expanded their slots will be refunded with Currency according to the number of slots they have expanded. 

13. Attendance Book Simplification

The Attendance Book system will be simplified,

and the current Monthly and New/Returning User Attendance Books will be deleted.

With this simplification, we hope to increase focus on attendance events.

Please ensure that you check and receive unclaimed rewards before service integration.

14. End to Sale of Ruby Products

As part of our preparations for service integration,

the selling of some Ruby Products at the Paid Shop will be discontinued.

We will inform you of the details regarding the products that will be discontinued

through the Apr. 12 (Wed) scheduled maintenance and update notices.

15. Season Mode Zodiac Simulator

To help users experience the Zodiac changes that will be taking place with the Apr. 27 (Thu) ACT 12 ‘Ganida’ update in advance,

a preview of the Zodiac updates will be released on the Zodiac Simulator on Apr. 20 (Thu).

In addition, the following improvements and updates will also be made. 

- Improvements to Rune Growth system and simplification of Growth Material

- Expansion of Chaos Statue Levels

- Introduction of various event stages for Episode and Chaos maps   

- Changes to the seasonal cycle of some content (3 weeks > 2 weeks)

- Expansion of Mastery content to an account-shared system

 (Needs to be reset after points are given based on the character with the highest Mastery Level)

- Expansion of sharing of Titles/Achievements from character to account

- Adjustments to the grade of some Materials (Quality Modifications, Traum’s Crystals, Orb Materials)

- Removal of normal raids and subdivision of Descent Raid rewards and difficulty levels

We will continue to work hard so that we can offer more diverse experiences in Traum.

Thank you.

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