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Director’s Letter Vol. 2

2023.03.16 Thursday 15:00 (UTC + 9)

Hello, I’m Ryu Myung-Sang, UNDECEMBER’s new director.

You may be surprised by this change in director since the previous Director’s Letter, so I would like to quickly introduce myself.

I am a developer who has been working with UNDECEMBER since before its launch,

and as a fan who has the utmost passion for the game, I feel a great sense of responsibility as I take on this role of director.

In this Director’s Letter, I would like to briefly tell you about some of the changes that will be coming to UNDECEMBER.

Since its global launch, UNDECEMBER has continued to offer its services and is being played by people from all around the world.

From the beginning of UNDECEMBER all the way to now, the direction in which we have taken the game

is centered on the most fundamental, fun elements of Hack and Slash’s uniquely exciting combat and item farming.

This is a direction that we will continue to pursue.

However, UNDECEMBER will also be going through a new period of change.

We are developing new methods of change so that we can make UNDECEMBER a sustainable game

that is well-loved by players for many years to come.

To explain some of the new changes in more detail, we are preparing a 'Director's Commentary' video, so please look out for that.

One big change that I would like to explain now is the fact that we will be integrating UNDECEMBER’s Korean and Global services.

After the two services are integrated, Korean players will be able to enjoy the same version of UNDECEMBER as global players.

To accommodate this integration, a Combined Trading Post will become available,

which will allow users from all around the world to freely trade with each other.

This integration also means that you will be able to meet Korean players through UNDECEMBER’s Global service.

Finally, although UNDECEMBER’s developers and management listen to the opinions of users

through our official website and other various communities, we believe that we can do better to respond to these opinions.

We are thinking of other various ways through which we can communicate with users more in the future.

We will reach out and converse with you more often, and will try our hardest to become a game that creates fun along with its players.

We hope you will continue to show interest and support for UNDECEMBER.

Thank you.

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