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Feb. 15 (Wed) Update

2023.02.14 Tuesday 18:45 (UTC + 9)

Greetings, Rune Hunters.

Our next update will be taking place on Feb. 15 (Wed).

Please refer to the information below for more details.

※ The following information may change when the update takes place.

※ All screenshots were taken on a test server and details are subject to change.


※ The following information is related to the new content that will be added through the update.

◆ Descent Raid – Season 5

- A new season of Descent Raids is coming!

✔ You can enter the new raid through each Act Town or the Recruitment Board in Saluto.

■ Descent Raid Details

- A new season of Descent Raids, Ochogneel and Carovan, is coming!

  1. Ochogneel will start on Feb. 15 (Wed) and last 2 weeks, whilst Carovan will start on Feb. 22 (Wed) and last 2 weeks.
  2. When the raids open, select the boss for the raid before matching and entering.

       The raids’ opening times will be the same as previous raids.

- The required level for entering the Ochogneel and Carovan Descent Raids is Lv.80, and the party size is 8 players.

- Descent Raids are special raids that you can only enter at certain times during the day.

- Once the raid is available, you can challenge the boss by either creating a raid party or matching.

- You can obtain a Unique Runestone once you defeat the Descent Raid boss.

- The Runestone you can obtain from the Descent Raid is Lv.100.

■ Shadow Mirror

- Collect Shadow Mirror Shards to complete the Shadow Mirror and receive rewards upon clearing the Descent Raid.

- You can still defeat the boss without completing the Shadow Mirror, but you will not be able to receive Clear Rewards.

  * Shadow Mirror Shards can be obtained from the field or through Chaos Dungeon drops.

  * You cannot obtain any more Shadow Mirror Shards once the Shadow Mirror is fully completed.

■ Additional Rewards

- Defeating the Descent Raid Boss can lead to additional rewards such as DMG Rewards and Clear Rewards.

┗ DMG Rewards – Can be obtained depending on your highest Total DMG score from your encounters.

┗ Clear Rewards – Can be obtained by repeatedly defeating the Descent Raid boss after completing the Shadow Mirror.

※ Please note that the image above was taken when an event was taking place.

  The number of rewards for when an event is not taking place may be different. 

■ To Note

※ Details and rewards may be subject to change.

※ Descent Raids take place through seasons (2 weeks per season, 1 week break).

◈ Improvements and Other Changes

※ These are the improvements and changes that will come into place along with the update.

◆ Other Changes

■ Void Rift – Season 7

- The previous season of Void Rift will end, and a new season will begin!

- Your Void Rift progress, Rank Points, and reward history will be reset every season.

- The boss monsters and levels of each area will also change once the Void Rift is reset.

- You will not be able to receive the previous season’s rewards once the season ends,

  so please be sure to collect all rewards before maintenance takes place.

- The Void Rift season will take place for 3 weeks.

■ Rune Hunter Pass – Season 7

- Rune Hunter Pass Season 6 will end, and a new season will begin!

   Players can complete missions and obtain rewards up until maintenance begins.

  Rewards can no longer be obtained once maintenance is complete. 

  If you have any highlighted rewards, please collect them before maintenance takes place.

  ※ Please check the game for more details when the season begins.

■ New Items Added to Existing Chests

- Tier 31 Unique Gear will be added to Unique Weapon Chests, Unique Armor Chests, and Unique Accessory Chests.

- 2 types of Unique Chaos Cards will be added to the [Guild] Chaos Card Chest.

■ Changes to Rewards due to End of Event

- The Ortemis Update 1+1 Event will be ending.

  With the end of the event, the number of rewards you can receive for various game content

  will go back to the number available from before the event.

  ※ Please refer to our other event notices for more details on the other events that will be ending.

◆ Bug Fixes

✔ Void Rift

The issue where the 3 stages of Void Rift Level 12 could not be cleared in some environments will be fixed.

✔ Items

- To match the phrase, ‘on hit’, changes will be made to the Unique Items below so that each skill is only triggered once.

  ※ Buffs with Cooldown times will no longer have Cooldown times and will instead depend on each skill being triggered.

  ※ Affected Items: Watcher’s Stick, Blizzard of Light, Firm Heart, Staff of Ambition, Chasing Trajectory, Alyssa's Transcendence

- The description of Night Slaughterhouse’s effects will be changed from ‘on hit’ to the more accurate expression, ‘every hit’.

- The description of Leech Tail’s effects will be edited to be more accurate.



Amplify DMG by 8% on normal hit

Amplify DMG by 8% on every normal hit

+35% Critical DMG on Critical Hit

+35% Critical DMG on every Critical Hit

- The description of Creepy Smile’s effects will be edited to be more concise.



Amplify DMG by 30% on every normal hit for 4 s at max Cold Energy

Amplify DMG by 30% on every normal hit at max Cold Energy

+100% Critical DMG on every Critical Hit for 4 s at max Lightning Energy

+100% Critical DMG on every Critical Hit at max Lightning Energy

- The issue where some options of the items below were created without being attached will be fixed.

Challenger Compass Necklace

Challenger Sapphire Necklace

Challenger Ruby Necklace

Challenger Garnet Ring

Challenger Zircon Ring

Challenger Hexagonal Ring

Challenger Vine Belt



✔ Skills

- Changes will be made so that the ‘Avoid Crisis’ buff of Shockwave Trap (Source) and Frost Trap (Verity) is not removed with DoT.

- The issue where the Pain effect of Fire Storm (Source) comes into effect even with DoT will be fixed. 

- The issue where the following buffs come into effect even with DoT will be fixed.

  ※ Affected buffs: Shockwave Trap (Origin)’s ‘Avoid Crisis’, Fire Orb Trap (Origin)’s ‘Regeneration’, and Frost Trap (Verity)’s ‘Avoid Crisis’.

✔ Tooltips

- For one of the tooltips for Lightning Typhoon (Verity), 

 the phrase ‘Summon Small Lightning Typhoon’ will be changed to ‘Summon 4 Small Lightning Typhoons’.

- For one of the tooltips for Slaughter (Verity), 

 the phrase ‘Prepare Slaughter upon Boss hit’ will be changed to ‘Prepare Slaughter upon hitting an Elite Monster’.

✔ Drops

- The issue where only Gear and Cards of Normal Grade are dropped from Legendary Chests of Chaos Tier 1-5, will be fixed.

✔ Zodiac

- The tooltip for Zodiac (Scent) Nodes will be edited.



+40% DMG for 2 s upon Miss

+40% DMG for 2 s upon Miss (Cooldown: 2 s)

✔ Other

- Certain phrases for the item, ‘Companion’s Ring’, will be edited.

  ※ Affected language: Chinese (Traditional)

- The issue where in the phrase ‘+50-80% DMG against enemies affected by Poison Status Effect’,

  the word ‘Poison’ is shown as ‘Chill’, will be fixed.

  ※ Affected language: Russian

We hope you are looking forward to these updates and continue to enjoy your journey in UNDECEMBER. 

Thank you.

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