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Total Playtime Event

2022.10.12 Wednesday 12:00 (UTC + 9)

Greetings. Rune Hunters.

Along with the grand release of UNDECEMBER, we give you the [Total Playtime Event] !

Have fun playing UNDECEMBER everyday and collect more rewards!

Please check below for more details!

◆ Total Playtime Event

■ Event Period

  - Oct. 12, 2022 ~ Until further notice

■ Event Contents

  - You can obtain rewards depending on the total game playtime.

  The maximum amount is 60 minutes a day.

  - Total Playtime Event rewards will be renewed at 09:00 (UTC+9) every day.

  - Rewards are to be collected yourself, and the received rewards will be sent to your Bag.

  - You can only receive the reward once until the renewal time.

Time Played



15 mins.

Identification Scroll


30 mins.

Gemstone of Courage


45 mins.

Normal Rune Essence Selection Chest


60 mins.

Resurrection Scroll


■ How to Participate in the Event

- Press the [EVENT] button on the top-right side of the screen to participate in event.

- Once the play-time is accumulated, you can collect the rewards by pressing the [Receive Reward] button.

■ Precautions

※ The event period and contents may change.

※ This event allows 1 time participation per account. Event progress will be shared among the characters in the account.

※ Once the event is renewed, you cannot obtain the rewards that you did not collect in the past (previous days).

Enjoy the event and have a blast with UNDECEMBER.

Thank you.

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