Relics are tools that are able to call upon the 'Avatar' of the 12 Gods.
- The Relics menu can be opened by pushing the Hotkey 'V' or be selecting the ‘Relic’ menu from the top menu.
- Relics become available from completing the Relic Tutorial Quest, 'Litray’s Message’, at Saluto after clearing Episode 2.
- Each character within an account can summon and use different avatars.
(Relic level is shared account-wide.)

Light of Life
- Once Relics become available, there is a chance that monsters will drop ‘Light of Life’ when defeated.
- Light of Life is used to level up Relics from 'Relic Growth', or collected to create 'Mysterious Element'.
 * Light of Life are not looted to your Bag. Instead, they’re automatically stored in Relics. The maximum amount that can be held increases as the Relic Level increases.
 * There is a daily limit to how much Light of Life can be used to grow Relics. The maximum limit increases as the Relic Level increases.

- Mysterious Element are materials that can be used to create ‘Hyper Regeneration Energy’ that can be used to restore Avatar Energy.
 * 'Hyper Regeneration Energy' can be crafted from the Alchemy Desk.


- When the Relics become available, you can choose and summon an Avatar of the Gods by selecting one from the list.
- Avatars can be Directly Summoned.
· Summoned Avatars consumes energy when engaging in combat out in the fields. The energy slowly recovers while you are logged out, or staying at a town or the Guild Base.
· Avatars that are not summoned also slowly recover energy. (Please be aware that Avatars will consume energy even in the Training Arena.)
· The energy recovery rate increases based on the Relic Level.
· Aside from natural regeneration, 'Hyper Regeneration Energy' or 'Gold’ can be used to instantly recover partial energy.

- Avatars uses 'Divinity Points' acquired from leveling up Relics. The Avatars can level up to Lv.30.
 * Skill becomes more powerful and the appearance changes as they level up.
- Once an Avatar reaches max level by reaching Relic Lv. 30, other Avatars can be summoned as well.
 * However, only 1 Avatar can be summoned at a time.

- Avatars aid your character in battle with their Skills.
- 1 Passive Skill and 1 Active Skill can be equipped.

· Passive Skill: Either enhances your character or increases the Avatar's attacks. Applied even when not summoned.
· Active Skill: Assists your character's attack or inflicts harmful effects to the enemy. There are also skills that periodically grants beneficial effects to your character.
· Link Skill: Active skills can be enhanced further. 1 Link Skill can be active by default. Once an Avatar reaches Lv. 25, up to 2 Skills can be selected.

- Avatar Skills can be reset to place all active Avatars to a dormant state and retrieve all of the used ‘Divinity Points'.
* Gold is required for resets and the cost increases based on the Avatar’s level.
* The Avatar's appearance that changed with level up gets reset as well.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.