Up to 8 players can work together to hunt Boss Monsters and obtain various rewards in Raids.
Each Raid Boss has a set Level Requirement. If you do not meet the requirement, you will not be able to queue up for the Raid.
- Ochogneel: A Fire element monster that can be fought starting from Level 30.
- Carovan: A Cold element monster that can be fought starting from Level 50.
- Sicus: A Poison element monster that can be fought starting from Level 70.
Parties can be formed through Random Matching from the Recruitment Board. If entering as a pre-existing party, you will only recruit to fill up the missing spots.
Each Boss Raid can be entered 1 time per week and the entry resets every week on Monday/Thursday.
Raid entry count is only upon clearing the Raid. Thus, you will be able to try again if the raid fails.

How to Play

Once the matching is completed, you will be moved to the Waiting Room. You will be able to access the Storage and use the Peddler NPC from the Waiting Room.
You will also be able to use skills inside the Waiting Room to prepare for the upcoming battle.

The Raid Boss encounter will begin as soon as your party enters the portal.
If you are killed during a raid, you can choose to either 'Spectate' or 'Leave Party'.
You can exit the raid while it is in progress by choosing Leave Party. But a penalty will be applied (Unable to join Raid Matching for 5 minutes).
Once 1 minute passes after the start of a raid, you can start a 'Quit Raid' vote. If the majority of the party member agrees, your party will be able to exit the raid without incurring a penalty.


Raid Monsters drop various items when defeated.
- Each Boss is guaranteed to drop a Runestone Selection Chest equal to the level requirement. However, the grade is chosen randomly.
- Party members who spectates until the end can be resurrected to receive rewards.
- The Runestone Selection Chest grade can be viewed from the Party Recruitment window before entering the raid.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.