Chaos Dungeons



Chaos Dungeons can be accessed from 'Saluto' after clearing Episode 2 (ACT 10).
Instance(1-time) Dungeons can be created and challenged by using Chaos Cards.
The dungeon’s difficult is determined by the tier, grade, options of the Chaos Card, as well as the Chaos Statue level settings and missions. It can be cleared by defeating the Boss monster inside the dungeon.

How to Play

Select 'Dungeon' from the ‘Chaos Statue' in Saluto to create a dungeon.
Then select the card you wish to use from the list of Chaos Cards and set the Chaos Level.

Once everything is set, push ‘Activate’ to create a portal to an Instance(1-time) Dungeon.

Defeat monsters inside the dungeon to fill up the ‘Chaos Gauge'. Once the gauge is completely filled up, an ‘Abyssal Rift’ portal can be created to move to the Boss Monster.
If a Chaos Card with a mission was used, the Objective is displayed as well.
When playing with a party, the player who used the Chaos Card has the right to summon the portal to ‘Abyssal Rift’ (Boss Room).

Missions can only cleared while progressing through a Chaos Dungeon. (Each mission has their own clear condition.)
Upon completing the mission, the party leader (Player who used the Chaos Card) and the party members will automatically receive the set rewards in their Bag.
Defeating the Boss Monster will complete the Chaos Dungeon.
Upon completing, the Chaos Statue EXP can be increased based on the EXP gained from hunting monsters and a bit of Bonus EXP is earned for the character as well.
For Chaos Dungeons with Missions, the success is determined when the Boss is defeated. The Mission Reward listed on the Chaos Card can be obtained upon successfully completing the Mission.
The remaining monsters in the dungeon can be defeated after returning to the field even when the Boss is defeated. However additional Chaos Statue EXP and Bonus EXP cannot be earned.

Chaos Statue

When the Chaos Status Level reaches a certain level, higher tier cards can be registered.
The Status’ level can be increased by clearing Chaos Dungeons. The EXP Gain changes based on the Chaos Statue Level, the tier and grade of the Chaos Card that was used.
The Chaos Level can be increased up to the current level of the Chaos Statue to make the dungeon more difficult. Higher Chaos Level increases monster level, EXP Gain and Item Drop Chance.

The Statue's level can be increased once the EXP fills up. At certain levels, you must pass a trial of facing a Boss Monster to increase the Statue Level.
In Trials, you will face an Avatar of the 12 Gods that are assigned to the level. There is a limit to Instant Resurrections when challenging the Trials.

Chaos Card

Chaos Cards are divided into Areas and Tiers.
For Magic Chaos Cards or above, the cards are obtained in an Unidentified state. An Identification Scroll can be used to reveal the card’s mission and options.
Options determine the ally and monster stat changes, as well as drop item table within the dungeon. The option values increase with higher grade cards.
Missions become available starting with Rare Chaos Cards. Completing the mission will grant bonus rewards.

Cards can be Grown upon reaching Chaos Statue Lv. 10.
- Rare or above Chaos Cards can be grown after they are identified.
- Other Chaos Cards or Darkness Energy can be used as materials to increase the level of cards beside Unique grade cards.
- The maximum level of a card is determined based on their tier. (Tier 1 = Max Lv. 1, Tier 5 = Max Lv. 5)
- As the Card Level increases, the Monster Level inside the dungeon increases as well.
- Special monsters can be spawned from Grown Cards. The variety in grades and total number of monsters are increased based on the Card Level.
- At least 1 Magic Treasure Chest spawns from Grown Cards. After a certain level, there is a low chance of Unique and Legendary Treasure Chests spawning.
- More Sanctums appear from Grown Cards. After a certain level, Sanctums with unique effects can be spawned.
Darkness Energy required to level up Cards can be purchased from the Shop with a daily limit of 100. They can also be found inside dungeons.

Chaos Daily Missions

Even more rewards can be obtained through the Chaos Daily Missions.
A total of 9 Missions are placed in a 3x3 formation and the desired Missions can be selected to be completed.
Complete 3 missions in a line to obtain the Additional Rewards from that line.
Up to 5 Missions can be completed by default. But clearing a Chaos Dungeon grants a Bonus Mission attempt.
The type of mission and rewards can be changed by using 5,000 Gold.
- The line location of a Mission that has already been completed, as well as Missions in progress are not changed.
- If you have obtained the Line Reward at least once, the rewards cannot be changed.
There is a limitation for completing Chaos Daily Missions for each character.

Chaos Compendium

The Compendium grants variety of reward effect for specific dungeons among the ones that are divided by areas and tiers.
You can use ‘Star Crystals’, which can be obtained in Chaos Dungeons, and Gold to increase your Compendium Level.
When the total level of a single area exceeds a certain level, all of the Additional Effects are applied to all areas regardless of tier and the affiliated nation.


After registering a Chaos Card, a Chaos Stone can registered additionally.
In Chaos Dungeons created by using a God's Resonance Stone, Environmental Effects which affect the players along with Exclusive Random Options are added to high grade monsters.

When exploring Chaos Dungeons created with God’s Resonance Stone, a portal that leads to the 'Unstable Realm’ is created.
Inside the Unstable Realm, you will face Authority Monsters. These monsters become stronger based on the Chaos Dungeon Level.
There is a chance for Authority Imbued Gear to drop when defeating Authority Monsters.

Authority Imbued Gear possess Unique Authority Options based on the God's nature.
- Just like normal gear, the gear’s grade, options and quality can be adjusted by using essences.
- When attempting Options Enchants, there is a low chance for special Prefix/Suffix Options exclusive to Authority Imbued Gear can be added.
Apart from Chaos Dungeons Authority Imbued Gear can be obtained from Trial Dungeons and Greater Chaos Dungeons by chance.
'Authority Essence' can be used to imbue Authority Options to gear of all grades. (Caution: All existing enchant options will disappear.)

Last updated on October 12, 2022.