Items obtained in UNDECEMBER can be placed inside the Storage.
The additional slots can be used to compensate for the lacking space of your Bag and provide a better gameplay experience.

✔ The Storage can be accessed through a Box located at each town. Items can be freely deposited and withdrawn from the Storage by using the [Access Storage] feature.

✔ The Storage is shared by all characters in your account. By storing items in Storage, you will be able to transfer items
✔ By storing items in Storage, you will be able to transfer items [Shortcut→] button located on the left side of the screen when in town to easily access the Storage.

General Storage

By default, 2 General Storages are provided at the start of game. Each Storage can hold to 50 items.
[Diamond💎] can be used to purchase up to 3 more additional Storages.

✔ The General Storage can hold almost all items except for certain exceptions.
✔ Push the item you wish to store. Then set the [Amount to be Stored] and then select [Deposit] to store the selected item in an empty space inside the Storage

Specialized Storage

There are a total 4 types of Specialized Storages from Essence, Card, Material(Alchemy/Common), Charm. Each storage can hold the applicable items inside.
Certain storages can be expanded to increase the maximum space by spending Ruby

Storage Name Stored Item Space Expandable
Essence Storage
  • Gear Essence
  • Rune, Charm Essence Storage
  • [Exclusive] Gear Essences
  • [Exclusive] Rune, Charm Essence Storage
Up to 2,000 per item O
Chaos Card Storage
  • 12 types of Chaos Cards
  • Special Cards, Chaos Keys
Up to 100 per item X
Material Storage
  • Alchemy Ingredient
  • Common Materials(Growth Materials)
Up to 3,000 per item O
Charm Storage
  • 12 types of Charms
  • Chaos Orbs
  • Chaos Stars
Up to 100 per item O

✔ Specialized Storages are locked at the beginning and must be unlocked by purchasing them with [Diamond💎].
* Available for purchase from the [Storage] UI or from [Paid Shop → Convenience].

✔ Items that are deposited into Specialized Storages (Essences/Cards/Materials/Charms) can be used at the Blacksmith, Mystic, Alchemy Desk and the Chaos Statue right away.
✔ Using the Deposit All button at a Specialized Storage will deposit all of the items that can be stored.

✔ Essence Storage has Auto Combine Pieces feature. This function will allow stored Essence Pieces to automatically combined without having to synthesize each one

[Exclusive] Gear/Rune Essences obtained from Attendance and other events can be stored inside the [Exclusive] Essence Storage.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.