Transfers can be used to move the grade and enchant options of Gear, Skill Runes and Link Runes that were being used to a different item.

Rune Transfers

Rune Transfers use Rune Birth/Color/Link Essences as additional materials.
- The currency cost is based on the Rune’s slot count and grade.
- Runes with the same name cannot transfer to each other. Transfer is also unavailable to Runes with higher grade than the material Skill Rune.
- For Skill Runes, the material and the target skill must have the same number of maximum slots.
- The Rune registered into the left slot is the material Rune which will be destroyed during transfers.
- The Rune registered into the right slot is the target Rune that will receive all of the detailed info (Level, Link Slots etc.) from the material Rune. - Runes that are registered as the material are consumed and destroyed during transfers.

Gear Option Transfers

Guaranteed/Partial Gear Option Transfers allows moving the grade, prefix/suffix options from the gear that were being used to a different gear.
- The Trade and Bind Status of the material item is also transferred.
- Gear that has received a transfer can no longer receive any more transfers.
- The target Gear’s level must be equal or higher than the material Gear.
- Enchanted Authority Prefix, Suffix options are transferred together.
(Transfers can be done with Gear without Authority, but the existing Unique Authority Option will disappear.)
- Enchanted Authority Prefix, Suffix options are transferred together
- For armors, only the 'Same Option Type'can transfer to each other even if the armor is for the same gear slot. (E.g.: Shoes(Strength/Dexterity) Gear Options can be transferred to another Shoes(Strength/Dexterity), but cannot be transferred to Shoes(Intelligence/Dexterity).

- Only ‘Rare’ or higher grade Gear can be registered as the ‘Target Item’ for Guaranteed Transfers. The transferred stats are as follows
• Grade
• Prefix/Suffix Options
• Legendary Prefix/Suffix Options
• Quality/Quality Modification Info
• Unique Authority Option
• Trading Key Usage Count
- For Partial Transfers, a 'Rare' grade gear with 6 or more options can transfer its grade and 4-6 Prefix/Suffix options by chance.

Gear Reversion Transfer is a feature that deletes the Legendary exclusive enchant option from a Legendary item to revert it back to Rare grade.
- Gear Reversion Transfer is also divided into ‘Guaranteed’ and ‘Partial’ transfers.
• 'Guaranteed Transfer’ fully transfers the ‘Legendary’ gear’s info
• 'Partial Transfer’ transfers 4-6 Prefix/Suffix options by chance.
- Transfer Stones are used as material by default. ‘Star of Regression’ is required for Guaranteed Transfers along with ‘Reversion Essences’ as additional material.
- All other rules are identical to the normal gear transfers.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.