Rune Cast

Equipping and Using Runes

Push the Skill Icon from the Menu or use the Hotkey "K" to open the Rune Cast.
You can select and place the Rune you wish to equip from the list of runes on the right into the Rune Cast.

Push a Skill Rune equipped in the Rune Cast to highlight Link Runes that can be linked from the list of runes.
The DPS of Skill Runes equipped in the Rune Cast are displayed while taking the Link Rune effects into account.
Duplicate Skill Runes cannot be equipped into the Rune Cast. Duplicate Link Runes can be equipped, but the same Skill Rune cannot be equipped at the same time.

Skills Rune equipped in the Rune Cast can be registered into Skill Slots to be used in battle.
Select a skill from the list of Skill Runes on the right, then select the desired Skill Slot to register a skill.
2 sets of 5 skills can be registered at once. Identical skills can be registered into both sets.
Trigger Skill Slots can be unlocked by using currency and only skills linked with the Trigger Link Rune can be equipped in these slots.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.