About Runes



Skill Rune: Runes that allow the use of Skills
Link Slot: Slots that allows linking 'Link Runes’ to 'Skill Runes'
Link Rune: Support runes that adds additional effects to Skill Runes by being equipped into a Skill Rune’s Link Slot
Rune Cast: The board which allows equipping Skill, Link Runes and Runestones
Runestone: Support runes that enhances the effect of Skill Runes that are equipped in specific slots
Rune Grade: Divided into Normal, Magic, Rare and Legendary grades. Option and power are enhanced at higher grades
Skill Slot: Skills can be used by equipping Skill Runes to ‘Skill Slots’ in the Rune Cast
Basic Attack: Basic Attack is considered as a ‘Skill Rune’. However, it is not shown in your Bag or the Rune Cast.
- It is registered into the Skill List and can be equipped into the desired Skill Slot to be used.
- If there are no ‘Skill Runes’ registered into the center Skill Slot, ‘Basic Attack’ is automatically equipped instead.


Basic Runes can be obtained from quests, rewards from contents, NPC shops, monster drops and Alchemy Synthesis.
Certain Runes cannot be purchased from NPC shops and can only be obtained from monster drops, Alchemy Synthesis or Guilds.
Depending on the Rune, the minimum grade be set to be higher than Normal.

Rune Shop

Talk to Mystic Pauline NPC in town to purchase Skill and Link Runes.
- Currency(Gold) is required to make purchases. 
- The list of available Runes in town will vary based on the Act. All purchasable Runes from the previous Acts will become available after Act 6.

For Skill Runes, their Link Slot is fixed to a single slot on top-right.The slot color will be identical to the Rune color.
Trigger Link Rune’s direction will be fixed from top-right to bottom-left.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.