Return & Resurrection



To return to town after a battle you must either use a 'Waypoint’ or use a Return Scroll to open up a 'Portal'.
- You can freely exit the battle and return to town during special contents such as Chaos Dungeons, Spire of Barrier and Raids.

✔ Waypoints are located at specific locations out in the fields. It can be used to either return to town or other stages within the Act.
- Cannot be used during combat.
- Cannot travel to areas with an inactive Waypoint.

 Portals are Two-way Method of Transportation. After reorganizing back in town, the Portal can be used again to return to the stage. The Portal will close upon returning to the stage.
- Unlike Waypoints, Portals can be used while a character is in combat.
- Portals can be opened without a Return Scroll. But it has a 10 minutes cooldown.
✔ Portals cannot be opened while in combat with a Boss Monster inside Chaos Dungeons.


When your character's HP falls to 0 during combat, you will be able to choose the method of Resurrection.

✔ Instant Resurrection
- Use Resurrection Scroll or Rubies to instantly resurrect from the death location.
- All HP and Mana are restored to 100% upon Instant Resurrection, and Skill Cooldowns are also reset.
- Instant Resurrection cannot be used in certain contents.

✔ Revive at Temporary Waypoint
- Selecting Revive at Temporary Waypoint will resurrect your character at a Set Temporary Waypoint for each area(Usually before entering a specific content).
- Reviving at a Temporary Waypoint does not cost any currency or items.
- Cannot be used inside Chaos Dungeons.

✔ Revive in Town
- Selecting Revive in Town, or failing to select a method within the time limit will resurrect your character Back in Town.
- Reviving in Town does not cost any currency or items.
- If [Revive in Town] is used inside a Chaos Dungeon, it will be considered as leaving the dungeon, which will prevent you from re-entering that specific dungeon. If you wish to continue progressing through the Chaos Dungeon after resurrection, please select a different resurrection method.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.