Treasure Chest

There is a chance you will find treasure chests while hunting out in the fields.
There are multiple grades to treasure chests.
- More rewards are dropped the higher grade treasure chests.
- There are Old, Brilliant and Mystical grades. Mystical Treasure Chests can only be found inside Chaos Dungeons.

Interacting with a Treasure Chest will summon multiple monsters. Multiple items will be dropped as a reward upon defeating them all.
Traps can also be activated as the monsters are summoned. Certain traps can afflict threatening crowd control effects.


Randomly created in fields, interacting with Sanctums will grant a set buff effect based on the Sanctum’s name. (Certain Sanctums only appear inside Chaos Dungeons that are created with Grown Chaos Cards.)

Push the Buff effect icon above the Potion Quick Slots to display buff details and the remaining duration.

Sanctum Effect
Increases Movement Speed
Increases Attack Speed, Cast Speed
Increases HP Regen
Increases Mana Regen
Increases EXP Gain
Increases Item Drop Rarity
Increases Critical Chance
Increases Element Resist
Increases Charm Drop Chance
Increases Essence Drop Chance
Increases Rune Drop Chance
Increases all DMG and Speed

Grave Robber King Puru

There is a chance of encountering Grave Robber King Puru carrying around a large sack while hunting out in the fields.
When approached, the Grave Robber King will notice the player and start running away.
Attack Puru to make it drop either Gold, Elements and Essences.
If Puru is not defeated within a certain period of time after it notices the player, Puru will run away forever.

Defeating Puru has a chance of opening a portal that leads to Puru’s Hideout.
- You can earn a massive amount of either Gold, Essence or Element from the Hideout.
- Defeating monsters or destroying objects in the Hideout drop rewards appropriate for the type of Hideout.
- Opening the Final Vault from the Hideout will automatically open up a Return Portal that will return you back to the original field.
- The Mission Progress is shared inside the Hideout if it was entered from a Chaos Dungeon.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.