Character Info


Check the equipped gear and stat info from Character Info.
Push the top left side of the screen or open the Bag to bring up your Character Info as well.

① Choose to either show or hide the appearance for your equipped Helmet. The stat of equipped Helmet will be applied even if the appearance is hidden.
② Check the current settings of your Quick Slot (Potions). Push to open the Auto Potion Settings menu.
③ Displays the character's Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence stat values. Push the Scroll icon to the right to view a more detailed list of your character’s stats.
④ Push to view the info of equipped Charms and the Blessing values that are currently in effect.

Stat Info

Push the Scroll button from Character Info to view the overall stats which includes all Gear, Zodiac and Skill effects.
Stats are categorized by Attack, Defense, Others and Status Effects. Push on each category to view the related information.
You can also switch the view between Show Maximum/Show Current.
As for Skills, the DPS Info or Buff Effects can be viewed for equipped Skill Runes. The stat info of summons are also displayed if related Skill Runes are equipped.
Certain stats have both fixed values and % values. In such cases, the related % stat from Gear, Zodiac and Skills does not increase the actual chance. The effect only increases the fixed value by the percentage.

① Base Stats
- HP: Decreases when receiving attacks from enemies. The character dies if this stat value reaches 0.
- Barrier: This stat decreases prior to HP when receiving attacks from enemies. When Barrier decreases, it only regenerates after not receiving damage for a certain period of time.
- Mana: This stat is required to use various skill. There is a set Mana Cost for each skill. If you don’t have enough Mana, the skill cannot be used.
- Strength: Increases HP and Armor by a certain amount.
- Dexterity: Increases Hit Rate and Dodge Rate by a certain amount.
- Intelligence: Increases Mana and Barrier by a certain amount.

② Attack
- DPS Info : Displays the Actual DPSthat was measured from the Training Arena. The level and the number of scarecrows, as well as the maximum single target damage are displayed too.
- Attack/Spell DMG: Base value used to calculate basic attack and skill damage. Each skill uses either the Attack or the Spell DMG value.
- Physical/Element DMG: Added value to Attack/Spell DMG when calculating basic attack and skill damage. When ‘Convert to Main Element' option is being used, multiple Physical/Element DMG can be calculated together.
- Attack/Cast Speed: Determines the time it takes to start and finish an action. Actions are finished faster at higher values.
- Attack/Spell Hit Rate: Decreases the chance of missing attacks. Attacks and spells become more accurate at higher values. Also displays the actual hit chance percentage(%) when attacking a monster of same level as you.
- Attack/Spell Critical Rate: Chance to deal critical damage with attacks. The fixed value Critical Rates calculated from Gear, Zodiac and Skills are displayed as an actual percentage(%).
- Attack/Spell Critical DMG: Determines the ratio of how much stronger a critical hit damage is dealt than usual. As default, Critical Hits deal 50% more damage than normal hits. The displayed value will be added before calculation. (E.g.: Critical DMG 63% > Deals 113% more damage than normal hits)
- Physical/Element Penetration: Ignores the enemy’s Defense or Element Resist based on its value when attacking.

④ Others
- Movement Speed: Character moves faster at higher values.
- Regen: Determines the natural regeneration rate per second for HP/Mana/Barrier.
- HP/Mana/Barrier on Attack/Spell Hit: Recovers HP, Mana or Barrier by the displayed value when damaging enemy with attacks(spells).
- HP/Mana/Barrier on Kill: Recovers HP, Mana or Barrier by the displayed value upon killing an enemy.
- HP/Mana/Barrier Absorb on Attack/Spell Hit: Recovers HP, Mana or Barrier based on the portion of the damage dealt with attacks(spells).
- Item Drop Rarity: Increases the chance of finding higher rarity item drops.
- Kill EXP: Increases the amount of EXP earned upon killing an enemy.
- Limit Info: Determines the number of summons or seals that can be active at once.

⑤ Status Effects
- Status Effect Rate: Increases the chance of afflicting the status effect upon hitting attacks(spells). Also displays the actual affliction chance percentage(%) when attacking a monster of same level as you.
- Dodge Chance: Increases the chance of avoiding status effects from being applied when hit by attacks which inflict status effects.

⑥ Orb Status
- Displays the number of permanently increased stats from using various Orbs. Each stat can be increased up to 50 times.

Charm Info

Charms are gear that can only be obtained from Chaos Dungeons which grants the Blessing of the 12 Gods.
All Charms are imbued with a ‘God’s Blessing +n%’ option. Based on the name of the equipped Charm, a specific god's blessing value is applied and a Blessing Effect becomes active based on the total blessing value. You can view the current Blessings in effect from the Charm Info UI.
Chaos Stars can be obtained through “Charm Fusions”.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.