Basic Controls

✔ PC Version Character and Combat Controls

In the PC version, you will use your mouse to move your character and your keyboard to use skills.

- Right-click to attack or register/remove items. Another skill can be registered to be used instead of basic attack.
- Left-click to move and loot drop items.
- The right/left-click function can be switched from the Hotkey settings.
- Skills that requires selecting a specific area or a target can be aimed toward the mouse cursor’s location.
- The same controls can be used when using a gamepad connected to your PC instead of a mouse and keyboard.

✔ Mobile Version Character and Combat Controls

In the mobile version, a virtual gamepad will be used to move your character and use hotkeys to use registered skills.

- Touch the virtual gamepad located on the bottom-left side of the screen or drag it to move your character.
- Touch or hold the buttons located on the bottom-right side of the screen to use skills.
- Skills that requires selecting a specific area or a target will automatically be aimed toward the joypad’s direction.


① Displays the character’s name, level and current HP. Push to view your Character Info.
Create a Party or a Raid and check the name, level and HP status of your party members.
③ Displays chat history Push to expand the chat window and participate in conversations.
④ Only displayed in towns. Push to display the NPCs responsible for various contents. Selecting their name will automatically move you to their location.
⑤ Buttons that display Quick Notifications, Shop, Event (Pass), and the Menu.
⑥ Displays the Minimap of the current region. Push to change to a transparent overlay view over the screen.
⑦ Displays the current Quests in progress.
⑧ Displays the character’s current HP, Mana and Barrier values. Interface can be changed to show the exact remaining values from Settings.
⑨ Open your Bag or use Return and Quick Slot items.
Use registered skills with hotkeys. 5 / 5 skills can be registered into two separate bars.

Smart Control

Achieve character level 7 to unlock the 'Smart Control>' feature. Smart Control can be toggled On/Off using the default hotkey 'T'.

Smart Control automatically uses the Skill that is registered in a specific slot against enemies without entering any specific command.
- Smart Control uses the Skill that is assigned to the Mouse Click slot. Moving or using another skill immediately stops skill use.
- Melee Skills are used once enemies enter into melee range.
- Ranged Skills are not used against enemies outside the character’s vision, even if they are within range.
- Skills with Cooldowns or most Toggle, Enhance, Summon, Movement Skills cannot be used with the Smart Control feature.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.