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Account Link

UNDECEMBER is a cross-platform game. A single FLOOR account can be used in both mobile and PC versions.
Link your FLOOR account to share progression of the game regardless of the platform.

✔ Mobile users can select the login method of choice to play the game.
- Linking is not required when logging in with your FLOOR account on mobile.
- If you have played UNDECEMBER on PC with a FLOOR account, selecting Log in with FLOOR will automatically load the existing data from the mobile client.

1. Select the FLOOR Icon from Game Setting > Account menu.

2. Log in with your FLOOR account.
- If you do not have a FLOOR account, you can register first and then continue with the linking. (☞ FLOOR Registration)

3. Upon successfully logging in, you can choose which mobile account data (Google, Apple etc.) you wish to preserve for ‘Account Selection’.
- When making your selection, please be aware that all of the game data from the non-selected account will be deleted, including all payment and paid currency info.
- Once a mobile account is linked with a FLOOR account, it cannot be linked with another FLOOR account.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.