Auction House

Starting from ACT 3, characters at level 30 or above can use the 'Auction House'. You can use the Auction House to trade items with other users.
The Auction House requires 'Rubies' to trade items.

You can easily search for the item you’re looking for by using the Category and Requirements Settings under the Purchase tab.
- If an item can be enchanted, you can even search for a specific option.
- You can also select a category and use 'Name Search' to look for a specific item.

Pressing Search will display every item that is registered in the Auction House that fulfills the search requirements or name.
- Press the 'Add' button to perform another search using additional requirements within the search results.
- The results list can be sorted by Grade, Item Level, Time Remaining, Current Bid, and Buyout Price.
- Press 'Search Conditions' to reset the search conditions and search for another item.

Items are Purchased through ‘Bid’ or ‘Buyout’.
- 'Buyout' allows you to instantly receive the item in the bag by paying the price set by the seller.
- 'Bid' requires you to submit a price that is higher than the current bid that was submitted by another player. The player who submitted the highest bid when the bidding time is over receives the item.
• You can view items that you bid on from the ‘Bid Status’ screen to see if your bids have been outbid by another user.
• Bidding on an auction with less than 1 minute remaining increases the minimum bid amount and extends the remaining bidding time by 5 minutes.
• If you made the highest bid once the auction has expired, you can receive the item from the ‘Bid Status’ screen.

When selling an item, you can select 'Bid', 'Buyout', or both as the method of sale. You must enter a price and registration period for the auction.
- The bid price you enter becomes the minimum bid amount.
- Each account can sell up to 5 different types of items at once.
- Once you have made a sale, you can receive your payment once 12 hours have passed. If you have failed to make a sale, your item will be returned to you.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.