Pets are companions that follow the character around when summoned.
Use Hotkey 'P' can be pushed to open up its menu.
'Toduba’ is available from the start and Paid Currency [Diamond💎] can be used to purchase other pets with different appearances.
All purchase pets are Shared by all characters in your account.

Paid Currency (Ruby OR [Diamond💎]) can be used to activate Pet Abilities for a limited period of time.
Automatically collects Drop Items from the ground.
All pets have identical abilities and only differ in appearances.

The 'Pet Ability’ can be used by opening you Bag out in the fields. Their ability allows you to sell and disassemble items without having to visit the Blacksmith.
Pet Ability has a cooldown(10 minutes) and cannot be used repeatedly.
Pet abilities cannot be used in town.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.