Item Compendium

The Item Compendium becomes available after clearing the Act 2 Quest, 'Knight Captain’s Logic’.
View and register various information of Unique Gear and Runes found in UNDECEMBER to earn Collection Effects.
- If you possess an item that can be registered into the compendium, it will be marked with a Blue Dot.
- Registered gear and runes can always be retrieved back into your Bag.

✔ Unique Gear Compendium
- Collect Unique Gear from variety of contents.
- The Unique Gear’s options and its values are available for viewing.

✔ Rune Compendium
- Collect Skill Runes, Link Runes and Runestones from variety of contents.
- All of the options its values based on the Skill/Link Rune grades are available for viewing.
- The [Source Filter] feature can be used to organize the list of Runes by where to find them.

✔ Collection Effect
- Points are accumulated whenever a Unique Gear or Rune is registered into the Compendium. You gain Drop Chance Increase for each Item Type upon reaching certain point thresholds.
- The effects gained from Unique Gear and Rune Compendiums can be viewed from 'Total Collection Effects'.

Last updated on October 12, 2022.